X-Men Mission: A vs X

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A vs X
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Dates run: March 5, 2017
Run By: Dex
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"Acoording to Fury, they were investigating what they thought was a new portal to the other realms. Maybe Jotenheim or some other place. Typical Loki stuff. However, as they were checking it out, there was some kind of magical event. The Avengers turned on the SHIELD support team and slaughtered them. Before the feeds were lost, they got sound and video of them talking about SHIELD as if it was HYDRA and how they were coming to Triskalion to end them."

"You must be fucking kidding me. SHIELD has the Avengers inbound as hostiles?"

When Loki messes with the Avengers, Nick Fury is driven to desperate measures - getting the X-Men to take them down.


Dominion, Cyclops, Bruiser, Bevatron, Dust, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch, Marvel Girl, Firestar, Sub-Mariner, Blink, Sharon Friedlander, Longshot

Tarot, Topaz, Daytripper, Dagger

Fred Duncan, Abigail Brand

The Avengers


March 5, 2017

Plot Summary

The Avengers were lured to a remote area of Minnesota with reports that Frost Giants have attacked a US military installation. They arrived to put down the Giants and seal the portal to Jotunheim through which they must have emerged. Unfortunately, the portal is a illusion crafted by Loki to draw the Avengers there with the threat that the Bifrost may have been sidestepped by another realm's forces. At the heart of the illusion is a Norn Stone, which when impacted by Thor's hammer, releases a powerful mind altering spell that casts SHIELD as the role of HYDRA. The Avengers mobilize to return to SHIELD, after destroying the SHIELD support team sent to help them.

The destruction of the support team and the footage on site lets SHIELD know the situation, but they have little to try and stop it. Fury dispatches Brand and a SWORD team on site to where the portal was to see if they can reverse the effects. Left with little choice, Fury makes an emergency call to the X-Men for help. Because of the location of the Triskelion, it is impossible to evacuate it fully and even if they did, it could led the Avengers to hunting down SHIELD personnel throughout New York City, maximizing the damage. The X-Men agree and draft together and emergency force to meet the Avengers at the building. Meanwhile, Amanda pulls together some magic and Asgardian resources to meet with Brand at the portal site.

The X-Men and the Avengers clash, their massive powers colliding on a titanic scale. Sharon leads a support group of non-X-Men to pull injured combatants out and provide medical treatment. The battle is caught on major news cams, local cameras and thousands of smartphones. Because of the speed of the battle, the after effects of powers and the fact that approaching anywhere near the building is impossible, none of the footage is good enough to identify individuals, but the uniforms depict a group of powerful mutants fighting the Avengers to a standstill.

At the portal site, the team is finally able to isolate the Norn Stone, and after a brief battle with Frost Giant hidden as a last defense, neutralize the spell. The Avengers are snapped back to reality and the battle quickly ceases with both sides disappearing as quickly as possible with their injured. Even though the X-Men saved SHIELD, for the first time, the agency, the government and the general public are confronted with the fact that there is a mutant force working in the US right now that is capable of matching their 'Mightiest Defenders' if needed. It is a shocking reminder that it has been just 24 months since mutants killed more than ten million people worldwide in an incident that still has not been fully explained. As a result, anti-mutant sentiment begins to resurge heavily in the general public as well as political and military circles.

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A vs X


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As a result of the emotional draining by Topaz, Amanda went through withdrawal again - in front of her former student.


Plotrunner: Dex

The title for the plot came from the Marvel comics Event(s) of the same name.

The plot image is a poster designed by captain.