X-Men Mission: Coming to America

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Coming to America
Dates run: July 4, 2021
Run By: Sam and Shai
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I mean, I love dimension hopping. It's fun as hell. But the thought of NEVER going home? It's hard.

The X-Men head to Madripoor to stop a mutant from single-handedly waging war on a street gang.


Wolverine, Dust, Wildchild, Blink, Marvel Girl, Bevatron, Darcy Lewis, America Chavez


July 4, 2021

Plot Summary

Logan receives word from an informant about possible trouble in Madripoor involving a group of homeless mutants, and decides it’s time to step out for a nice shave — in another country. He meets with his informant, a barber, who passes on the information about a mutant girl who appeared several months ago (November, right before Siege Perilous) and began collecting mutant children, teaching them how to take care of themselves. It was all perfectly innocent (well, mostly) until they became the target of anti-mutant street gang, which has kidnapped a couple of the kids and seriously pissed off their leader — who’s demonstrated some amazing super strength and would not hesitate to to escalate this to a street war if she doesn’t get her kids back.

Logan calls in the X-Men, who set about searching the city, trying to find the girl or the street gang. Kyle finds the girl intercepting a mugging with a few of her kids (unrelated to the street gang, she just likes being a hero), and guesses that’s who they’re looking for. He talks to her, finds out her name is America and yes, she is the one ready to start a war to find her kids, and convinces her to meet with the rest of the X-Men.

America explains the bare bones of her situation — trapped here after some dimension hopping, started gathering up homeless mutant kids, for some reason that pissed off anti-mutant people — and a plan is formed to ambush the the gang and get the kids out. The ambush goes off without a hitch, the street gang is turned in to the local authorities, the homeless kids are sent to the Underground, and America, after questioning where the X-Men are from and finding out there’s a place that helps with powers, asks to go back to the mansion with them in hopes of finding someone who help her recover her dimension hopping abilities.

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Plotrunner: Shai and Sam