X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants

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Fall of the Mutants
Dates run: January 16-26, 2016
Run By: Rossi
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Pick off who? We have no idea who we're up against here, no idea what they want or what their resources are!

When the Morlocks try to protect their own, the X-Men intervene to avoid an all-out mutant war on the streets of New York.


Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Blink, Wolverine, Dominion, Roulette, Dust

Callisto, Ape, Erg, Pester, Sunder, Tar-Baby, Tommy, Healer, Berzerker

Sapien League


January 16-26, 2016

Plot Summary

While X-Factor were able to stop the mutant mercenary known as Sabretooth from targeting the Morlocks, the deaths did not stop. Instead, the subterranean mutants found themselves under attack in their own tunnels, but a group of uniformed and well-trained humans. Rumours were rife - it was the government, trying to wipe them out; it was law enforcement clearing the tunnels as part of a massive sting operation; it was medical experiments... Callisto found herself battling on two fronts - trying to identify the attackers and trying to keep the more radical members of the group, known as the Tunnelers, under control.

Things came to a crisis point when Tommy, a young Morlock, reported that a group including the Morlocks' spiritual leader, Healer, had been attacked by the mysterious uniformed group. Callisto was able to reach Healer before he died, with his last words describing how he had overheard the uniformed people talking about taking their 'catch' to a scow on the Con-Ed docks. Callisto gathered a rescue party and set off.

On comms duty, Logan raised the alarm when he saw a group of mutants attacking humans down on the docks. The X-Men scrambled and arrived at the scene just as the mutants were gaining the upper hand. The X-Men split into groups to deal with the mutants - Cyclops vs Erg; Marvel Girl vs. Ape; Dominion vs. Sunder; Blink vs. Pester (and her rats); Wolverine vs Tar-Baby; and Dust and Roulette taking on Callisto. The X-Men, with their training and powers, were able to (for the most part) subdue the Morlocks, but it was clear from things that were said that all was not as it appeared. This was proved when the humans suddenly began attacking both groups of mutants, Morlocks and X-Men.

Former foes became allies as the mutants defended themselves and each other. The humans, for their part, refused to be captured, choosing to throw themselves off the scow or commit suicide rather than being taken into custody. Their leader was apparently killed when Erg set a fuel tank on fire near her and she threw herself into the harbour to dose the flames.

Once the battle was over, Callisto, Sunder and Cyclops made a horrifying discovery - the prisoners had all been killed, as soon as the Morlocks had reached the boat. Overwhelmed, Callisto reluctantly agreed to accept the X-Men's help on tracking down the group attacking them, in order to save her people, despite her reservations about "Upworlders".

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Logan is the best he is at what he does, as long as it doesn't involve sticky adhesive.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The plot was written by Dex and submitted and run by Rossi, as a way of bringing Callisto back into the game after M-Day.