X-Men Mission: Merry Christmas Magneto

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X-Men: Merry Christmas, Magneto
Dates run: December 23, 2005
Run By: Alan
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There was nothing for it but to continue with the original plan and hope the X-Men had woken up on a particularly destructive side of the bed this morning.

When Magneto plots to build a new Cerebro, his son arranges for his efforts to be thwarted - in a highly creative and indirect fashion. He does, however, need a little help.


Cyclops, Dazzler, Phoenix, Polaris, Juggernaut, Cannonball

Pietro Maximoff, Toad


December 23, 2005

Plot Summary

At one of their covert regular meetings, Pietro gave Scott the news that his father was planning to build a new Cerebro and had in fact asked Pietro to collect a list of newly emergent psis who could potentially run it for him. Fortunately, an opportunity had presented itself to stop Magneto's plan before it went any further; at the same Brotherhood facility where Pietro had been working to draw up that list, Toad had created a magnetic enhancer, attempting to get back into Magneto's good graces. If the X-Men could break in and destroy the enhancer, they could do the same to Pietro's computer (after getting the data on the new psis themselves). As the facility was in Hawaii and the device emanated electromagnetic interference, Scott reasoned that if Lorna went back to deal with college business, she could 'detect' the interference and provide a solid excuse for the X-Men's intervention.

Within the week, the plan was carried out. The X-Men discovered that Toad had shielded his machine, however, which presented an unanticipated complication. As the bulk of the team tried to figure out how to penetrate the forcefield, Phoenix found herself facing off against Toad in a rematch of their Liberty Island fight - a rematch that turned out very different than the original. Pietro got the list of emergent psis to Scott, who was waiting with the Blackbird, and then returned to the facility. Lorna drew on her memories of Malice and managed to work the remote for the forcefield, finally allowing the X-Men access to the device to destroy it. Elsewhere, Dazzler knocked out Pietro, to give him plausible deniability (and enjoyed it just a little bit too much).

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Though Scott planned the operation, he didn't take an active part in it, as he was still recovering from the loss of his eye in the Seattle riots the month before.

Before this mission, Alison and Ororo were informed of Pietro's undercover status for the first time.


Plotrunner: Alan