X-Men Mission: Riding the Nightmare

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Riding the Nightmare
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Dates run: November 19, 2015
Run By: Eva
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It wasn't fair! She didn't want to leave everything she knew to move so far away!

The X-Men get involved when a young girl's manifestation gets dangerous.


Dust, Nightcrawler, Legion, Wolverine, Dominion, Rogue, Cyclops, Firestar, Bevatron, Blink, Marvel Girl

Tildie Soames


November 19, 2015

Plot Summary

For thirteen year old Tildie Soames' life was pretty good. She lived with her parents in Ithaca, New York, went to school, adored horses and had friends. Then one afternoon her parents took her aside and told her they will be moving to Scotland for her father's job. Everything she knows will change.

Suddenly something erupted inside of her and when the dust cleared, their house was a mess and in the place where Tildie sat, a horse made of a strange kind of energy stood about the size of a Hummer. Tildie was floating inside and upset and the horse crashed through the walls, trampling the city of Ithaca. Outside it grew to the size of a garage.

In the mansion Wolverine, the X-Man on duty, caught the footage of the strange horse rambling around alerted the X-Men, and they headed out to Ithaca. Arriving at the scene, they noticed Tildie floating inside. They split up in three teams. The first one (Nightcrawler, Dominion, Blink and Marvel Girl) got the bystanders out of the way, the second one (Cyclops, Bevatron, Legion and Firestar) attempted to steer the horse to a location where it could do less damage while Rogue, Logan and Dust tried to penetrate the outer energy shell. One inside, Rogue flw up to Tildie and took her powers. Catching the collapsing girl in her arms, Rogue shut down the whole thing and landed.

Almost as soon as the energy creature disappeared, an angry crowd approached the X-Men, a number of police officers among them. Blink quickly evacuated Tildie, while the other X-Men had to protect themselves from the crowd as they made their way back to the jet. During this process Haller went overboard and was stopped by Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Nighcrawler, while Rogue, Dominion and Wolverine were mobbed. Bevatron, Firestar and Dust dealt with the riot police.

Tildie was cared for at the mansion for a few days until her parents were found, after which the move to Scotland took place and the support for Tildie was transferred to Muir Island.

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Haller found himself facing Charles' disapproval following his actions, and agreed to remove himself from the X-Men for a time.


Plotrunner: Eva

This plot is the XP version of a part of the Wolverine and the X-men episode ‘Battlelines’.