X-Men Mission: The Rose

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X-Men: The Rose
Dates run: November 28, 2006
Run By: Cora
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You interrupt my meditations, knock me out and now you've concussed my husband. Definitely not on my favorite people list.

When Jean Grey calls from Tibet with news that Mystique has stolen a dangerous artifact, a small team of X-Men head to join her - and steal it back.


Phoenix, Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue

NPCs: Mystique


November 28, 2006

Plot Summary

Months into her stay in Tibet, Jean decided one day to make use of the monastery's most prized artifact - the Rose, an ancient device that assisted its user in achieving a state of deep meditation that allowed a mutant to reach beyond the normal limits on his or her powers. When she arrived at the room where the Rose was kept, she found Mystique leaving with the artifact. Mystique caught her off guard, knocking her out, and departed.

When she regained consciousness, Jean made her way down the mountain and called the mansion, after establishing that Mystique had been intercepted by a group of Chinese soldiers and forced to hand over the Rose, despite having the proper paperwork to get in and out of Tibet and wearing the proper face. Cyclops assembled a small team consisting of himself, Wolverine, and Rogue, and flew to join his wife in Tibet.

Once there, they infiltrated the safehouse where the Rose was being kept, disabling both the guards and the security system. Wolverine and Rogue successfully retrieved the artifact, but when Cyclops and Phoenix, who had handled the security system, started to leave to join them at the Blackbird, they ran into Mystique, who had returned for the Rose. In a brief struggle, Cyclops was knocked out and then Phoenix did the same thing to Mystique, implanting a telepathic suggestion to keep her unconscious for several hours. Cyclops came to and the two X-Men departed, leaving her there.

Back at the monastery, Cyclops sealed the Rose safely up in a new, secret hiding place. Phoenix informed him that she was ready to return to the mansion, and together with their teammates, they departed for home.

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In the aftermath of this mission, Scott returned to active duty with the team for the first time since the events of Search and Rescue, although he made the decision to keep to a background role at first.


Plotrunner: Cora

The basic plotline was inspired by the TV show Alias. The Rose is an XP-version of a Rambaldi device.