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{{Needs Update}}
{{Needs Update}}
{{Unplayed Character}}
''This page is about the [[:Category: Phase 2|Phase 2]] incarnation of the character. For other uses, see [[Rahne Sinclair (disambiguation)]].''
''This page is about the [[:Category: Phase 2|Phase 2]] incarnation of the character. For other uses, see [[Rahne Sinclair (disambiguation)]].''
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| birthdate = June 1, 2001
| birthdate = June 1, 2001
| journal =  [https://xp-wolfsbane.dreamwidth.org/profile xp_wolfsbane]
| journal =  [https://xp-wolfsbane.dreamwidth.org/profile xp_wolfsbane]
| player = [[Jen]]
| player = Available for Applications
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[[The Danger Room Paradox]]  
[[The Danger Room Paradox]]  
[[Fear in the Dark]]
== Meta ==
== Meta ==
'''Player''': [[Jen]]
'''Player''': Available for Applications
'''E-mail''':  [[IMAGE:IndyJEmail.jpg|150px]]
'''Player Icon Base''':  [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0914612/ Emma Watson]
'''Player Icon Base''':  [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0914612/ Emma Watson]
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[[Category: 2015]]
[[Category: 2015]]
[[Category: Generation X]]

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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Rahne Sinclair (disambiguation).

Rahne Sinclair
Portrayed by Emma Watson
Codename: Wolfsbane
Affiliations: Generation X
Birthdate: June 1, 2001
Journal: xp_wolfsbane
Player: Available for Applications

A little help! Little Miss Ridin' Hood turned herself into a big bad wolf...

Abandoned at a church and raised by a priest, Rahne is a shy, sensitive young girl... who just happens to be able to turn into a wolf.


Character Journal: xp_wolfsbane

Real Name: Rahne Sinclair

Codename: Wolfsbane

Aliases: None

First Appearance: July 8, 2015

Date of Birth: June 1, 2001

Place of Birth: Kinross, Scotland

Citizenship: Scottish

Relatives: Father and Mother, unknown. Reverend Craig, adopted father

Education: Regular schools until about the age of ten, when they switched to being home schooled and, more recently, Rahne has received some schooling at Muir

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: Generation X



Abandoned at the church of Reverend Craig when she was a baby, Rahne was raised and eventually adopted by the Reverend when he was unable to find a suitable home for his charge. The Reverend was at times a strict man of the cloth but one who grew to love the girl as his own.

The first ten years of Rahne’s life were pretty average, even if she led a more strict and sparser life than any of the children in Kinross. She helped Reverend Craig at the church, finding comfort in his teachings and his religion.

Shy, Rahne didn’t have a lot of friends but she was incredibly close to those few she did have. When she was ten, her world would change with a rash of headaches brought on by strong smells and sounds. Reverend Craig would find himself scolding her for repeating conversations she never should have been able to hear and eventually he came to the realization that Rahne just might be showing signs of a mutant power.

Fearing for his adopted daughter, he moved them from Kinross to the smaller, quieter town of Durness - the town nearest the Muir Island Research Facility run by Moira MacTaggart. Rahne was told they moved there so he could take over the local parish.

Not wanting to make Rahne fearful, the Reverend spoke quietly with Dr. MacTaggart, who gave him advice on how to minimize Rahne’s headaches without revealing that she might be a mutant. To eliminate over stimulating her senses, he started to homeschool her, leading to an even more isolated time for Rahne.

Moira eventually befriended the girl, though remained frustrated at Reverend Craig’s unwillingness to tell Rahne what was going on. As Rahne grew older, she realized she was different but was able to mostly able to come to grips with her senses, treating them like a migraine attack when things got really bad.

Everything once again changed within the last few months. The headaches increased and along with them she kept falling under what she and the Reverend thought were flu like symptoms. Fevers, chills, aches. One night during one of these ‘flu’ attacks, the Reverend heard the sounds of things breaking and being toppled over, along with weird noises, coming from Rahne’s room.

When he rushed in, the girl had been replaced with a frightened looking wolf wearing shreds of Rahne’s nightclothes. The bedsheets had been torn to pieces and half the room had been destroyed in her complete panic. With the door open, Rahne mindlessly bolted, terrified she’d turned into a monster and might hurt the Reverend.

She didn’t get far, though, as she was unused to the shape she’d transformed into during her sleep and Reverend Craig found her huddled under the old van they used for church outings. Despite his own terror - having thought her mutant powers were enhanced senses, nothing more - he managed to coax her out and back into the house.

He immediately called Moira who arrived to find Rahne more calm but still in wolf form and still decidedly upset. The doctor managed to talk Rahne down into a calmer state and, hours after her manifestation, the wolf form melted away and left a weeping girl in Moira’s arms.

Moira immediately suggested that the two of them pack their bags and join her on Muir. It was obvious Rahne needed to be told what was going on and with the events of January fresh in everyone’s minds, even Durness - generally more tolerant in better times - might not take well to a “werewolf” in their midst.

Despite Moira’s knowledge of mutations, Muir was not the best solution. As a world renowned mutant genetics facility, it was under constant threat and Rahne, simply, was not a mutant who needed to be at a medical facility. Within a few weeks of manifesting, Moira and the Reverend approached her with the idea of having her go to school at Xavier’s.

Rahne, normally not an impulsive person, jumped at the chance. She was angry and upset with both the Reverend and Moira for not telling her she was a mutant and the idea of going someplace where they might be able to help her figure out her powers - of which she still had no control over and would routinely shapechange without wanting to - was a godsend.

So, Moira placed the call, suggesting to her old friend Charles Xavier that a pick up might be for the best - random shapeshifting on a commercial flight over an ocean might not be the best idea…

Living At The X-Mansion

Rahne's first flight could have gone better. Jean Grey, Rogue, Miles Morales and Sooraya Qadir arrived to pick her up with no difficulties, but during the flight Rahne got airsick. And then she turned into a wolf. Fortunately Jean was able to calm her down and reassure her that no-one hated her, but Rahne was still embarrassed by the whole incident.

Safely at the school, Rahne was placed in a room with Illyana Rasputin, who confused the young Scot by being unlike anyone else she'd ever met. Fellow suite-mates, Maya Lincoln-Lopez and Xavin Majesdane weren't exactly 'normal' either, with Maya and Xavin frequently fighting and Xavin eventually moving out. It was to be expected that Rahne tended to keep her head down - between her uncontrolled shapeshifting and retiring personality, things were just too weird.

And they only got weirder from there - in February 2016, Rahne discovered her halfway wolf form - part wolf, part human - when she was kidnapped to another dimension along with several peers. They were rescued, and she immediately disappeared into the woods; it ended with Sooraya coaxing her back to human. May got even weirder when Rahne discovered that Miles was actually one of the famous Spidermen. The rest of the quiet year was a welcome break...

Which was of course interrupted in July 2017 when a magical game released spiders into the mansion. Rahne took this as almost a game, however, and set out in her wolf form to hunt down everything she could.

Just another day at the mansion.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5 feet tall, still growing

Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown/reddish

Other Features: Rahne’s wolf form is far larger than that of a normal wolf (see powers for explanation) and she’ll only get bigger as she gets older.


Rahne is both a feral mutant and a shapeshifter whose only form is that of a wolf. When she’s just her human form, her senses are the only thing that are extraordinary. Sight, sound and smells are all enhanced.

Rahne’s transformation is, thankfully, painless for her and she no longer experiences the flu like symptoms that came with her original manifestation. It’s actually a fairly quick transformation, limbs changing and fur growing - she will tear apart any clothes she’s wearing at the time, much to her chagrin. The pain free aspect of her powers is thanks to her powers protecting her and she often describes the transformation as an out of body experience.

Because of the physical transformation, Rahne possesses a minor healing power. However, the focus of this “secondary” mutation is to heal her during transformation. If it’s diverted to heal something else, she’ll be stuck in whatever form she was in not only until she’s healed but also another day or so past the healing to give this power a chance to recharge.

The physical transformation takes her human body weight and turns that into the wolf form, meaning she already outweighs that of a normal adult wolf (100 lbs is generally the top range). Her powers keep her trim and sleek, even in human form (she’ll develop a decent amount of muscle, though more along the lines of a swimmer than, say, a body builder). And shapeshifting leaves her starving, especially for things high in red meat (though, not raw, thank you very much).

In her wolf state, Rahne can’t speak but she can understand everyone quite clearly. She’s incredibly agile and fast in this state and sports sharp fangs and teeth. She has no way of knowing but real wolves will know she’s different - she simply doesn’t smell or act like a true wolf. She possesses no feral streak, either - she’s simply herself. Just furry and with four feet.

Currently, she has no control over the change and will randomly transform, especially if stressed or upset. Once calm, she can eventually change herself back. Once she gains control, she’ll be able to shift whenever she wants.

Eventually, Rahne will be able to transition into a halfway form - the ‘werewolf’ aspect - between human and wolf. But that will take training and a willingness to try. The idea sounds vaguely terrifying to her right now.

Rahne has developed an irritating and rather unfair allergy to chocolate.




Rahne lacks the control to attend the local charter school with her peers, so she is being home-schooled by Kyle Gibney.

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Player: Available for Applications


Player Icon Base: Emma Watson

Meta Trivia

This is the second version of Rahne, the previous version having been played by Persephone Kore.