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Moment of Awesome - Arthur Centino/Longshot: Longshot uses his luck in a creative way while trying to track down a runaway.

Arthur raised a single eyebrow toward Angel. He was still playing with what looked to be a small rubber ball. "So. He's not exactly coping at all, is he? I haven't been brushed-off that fast since my last Broadway audition."

"Broadway -- nope, not asking." Angel sighed. "One problem at a time, I suppose. Right now let's focus on the one we can fix." Lost kid they could help. Gabriel...not so much. "What's with the rubber band ball?"

"I," and Arthur held up the ball grand-standingly, "Had an idea."

Instead of explaining further, Arthur closed his eyes tight for a few seconds before he spun wildly and threw the ball with surprising force in a random direction.

The ball launched toward a large trash dumpster in a side alley, bouncing off it to hit the railing of a fire escape, roll across a rooftop, hit an urban-garden trellis; all before flying into a suddenly-appearing Gabriel's stomach. The impact caused him to cry out as he recoiled slightly from the impact. The ball, however, bounced to the ground and rolled away, moving out-of-sight toward a corner of a neighboring alley obscured by cardboard boxes and trash bags.

"Ow," Gabriel grunted, raising his head to look at Arthur. His eyes followed the ball as it rolled.

The blonde man was already on the move. He shrugged apologetically as he passed Gabe, but left any further words from the speedster for later as he rushed into the small alley to find the ball like some over-sized golden retriever.

The ball rolled and rolled, until it came to a stop next to a pole, and up the pole was a fire escape, and up the fire escape was a dirty pair of eyes, watching them from three stories above.

Angel stepped in, looking around the alley. Then she looked up.

And she smiled. Bringing Arthur along had definitely been a good idea. "Hey kid," she called easily. If this was the kid they were looking for, she had no idea. Just a good feeling. "We come in peace."

The boy responded by turning and bolting.

Today in XProject:

November 24

2003: X-Men Mission: Lowenstein: The X-Men return to the mansion with Bobby in tow; it's revealed that Bobby was kidnapped some months prior and replaced by Mystique who used her shapeshifting to duplicate him.

2004: Madelyn takes Jubilee home with her for Thanksgiving. Nathan and Haroun get into a bar brawl in New York.

2005: Haroun has recurring nightmares about the 'ware as a separate entity. Lost In The Woods: On her way to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, Jubilee has a car accident and is abducted by Selene's men.

2006: Living Pele: Vida confronts Lorna about kissing Alex, and mutual threats are made. Yvette meets Kurt. Nathan has dinner with Juanita and Angelo, and later the proud 'parents' discuss their boy; an idea is hatched. Amanda catches Wanda working late and they talk about Pietro. Shiro and Yvette meet, and he gives her advice on how to manage her hands better whilst eating.

2007: Tabitha has insomnia. Jane and Amanda catch up over the bus run; Amanda runs into Dani at the end of the day, and they have a surprisingly civil conversation; Kurt finds Amanda on the back porch and she is talked into puppy-sitting whilst he's in Japan. Doug and Marie-Ange discuss Doug's new training with Remy. Ororo goes to New Orleans to meet Remy, and is introduced to Tante Mattie.

2008: Laurie has a cold coming on and emails Jean. Mechanisms of Revenge: Pete wakes up to find he and the others have been saved by Blaquesmith, for his own purposes. Monet and Callie distract each other with small talk and movies. Adrienne happens upon a still-emotionless Doug and discovers she can read him by touching him.

2009: Jan plans Thanksgiving and Julian snipes at Callie in the ensuing thread; Callie emails Julian, asking him what his issue is; the two argue it out and resolve their differing responses to Fred's condition. Hank announces that Fred has been moved to Muir Island.

2010: Lorna takes food orders for Thanksgiving and lets people know she'll be in Hawaii for a week after the holiday. Amanda announces she'll be in Japan for a few days.

2011: Marie-Ange picks up North at the airport and there is discussion of what he's missed. Jan wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Adrienne has been knitting and offers hats, mitts and slippers to anyone at the mansion; Adrienne emails Callisto about taking more woollen goodies to the drop in centre in District X. Wade brings North turkey, and the pair talk about various things. Scott spots North on the smoker's porch and is suspicious of the man, but eventually comes around. Meggan and Korvus talk while preparing food, and establish where exactly they stand.

2012: Adrienne and Garrison have their second first date; things get awkward at the end of the night, and Adrienne takes it upon herself to fix that. Topaz goes to the library for some quiet time but ends up meeting Matt.


2014: Scott makes an important discovery about Gabriel's powers that involves a pool, and Gabriel does not take kindly to the way that discovery is made. Adri texts Kane to taunt him about recent baseball trades. Impossible Odds: Jean makes an x_team journal entry about Longshot’s involvment in the attempted terrorist attack in Topeka. Rogue texts Adri about her date with Todd the Barista.

XProject Announcements and News:

Two more new characters on their way - Reed Richards, to be played by Zoila, and Everett Thomas, to be played by Ben! Also, welcome back JJ, who rejoins us after an extended hiatus and will be bringing in a new version of Jonathan Storm!

(Three out of the Fantastic Four. Anyone want to app a mutant version of Ben Grimm? ;) )

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  • Along Came A Spider: An old friend of Clint Barton's is in serious trouble.

  • Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: Cecilia Reyes goes to Honduras in hopes of re-establishing her X-Corps project, and ends up in over her head.

  • Little Paper Dolls: A psionic SOS leads Emma Frost and friends to a mind-boggling discovery.

  • Operation: Mutant of the Seas: X-Force discovers not all of Genosha's mutates were returned to their former selves...

  • Case File: A Better Mole Trap: When X-Factor investigate the deaths of homeless mutants, they discover a greater conspiracy - and the Morlocks.

  • X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants: When the Morlocks try to protect their own, the X-Men intervene to avoid an all-out mutant war on the streets of New York.

  • Operation: Mutant Massacre: Callisto, unable to keep the Morlocks in check, calls in X-Force to prevent a terrorist action at Penn Station.

  • Something Slender This Way Comes: A new generation of students meets up with a new generation of Slendermen.

  • The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: When Hope Abbott is framed for industrial espionage at Keller Industries, it's up to Susan Storm and Julian Keller to uncover the truth.

  • Great Attractors: Re-creating the world has done more damage to the astral plane than people realise, until the mansion's empaths start showing signs of stress.

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