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Moment of Awesome - Billy Kaplan/Wiccan:

Following up on a tip to SWORD, Clinton Barton and his partner encounter the Asgardian, New York's latest costumed crime fighter.

"Right," the voice's sarcasm practically dripped down into the alley below. "So I'm supposed to believe that two cops come running at me with guns pointed just because they heard an ancient Norse name over some tapped phone line. Surely you can do better than that."

"One, we're not cops. We're agents of SWORD. Two, I haven't drawn a gun and Hendrickson over here's putting his away. Three, I'm getting a crick in my neck. You should come down where I can actually talk to you face to hood. You can obviously get away if you need to - blue flashes of light sort of gave you away there." Clint wiggled his fingers at the figure on the rooftop.

There was silence for a brief moment, then three lights appeared in the alley. The first dim atop the building, as the figure vanished, the second much brighter as he appeared back in the alley in front of them, and the third, as Hendrickson's gun vanished from his hand, reappearing in the cloaked figure's. He tossed it aside with a sniff. "Not fast enough. Okay so talk."

"Well, like I said, my name's Clint," he repeated. "I actually know an Asgardian. So is what you're doing magic or something else?"

"What do you mean, 'Know an Asgardian,'" the figure asked, dodging the question with one of his own.

"Thor," Clint said. "Know him. Periodically go drinking with him. He's pretty cool. Has a biker vibe going most of the time."

"Okaaaay, then" the figure said. "Well, this has been fun. Let's do it again sometime. I'll call you. Really. Don't call me, I'll call you."

"Hey," Clint said, smile dropping away. "I can see what you're doing. I even admire it to an extent. But you're drawing attention to yourself. That's dangerous."

"Yeah, well," the man replied. "If some of us who can play as legends don't stand up for the...mice...they get mauled. And they don't deserve that. So screw danger."

Today in XProject:

October 1


2004: Amanda delivers Nathan's final riddle to Moira. Nathan proposes to Moira, who says yes; announcements are made. Moira's family visits.

2005: Amanda and Manuel try to talk through their relationship problems. Forge, Moira and Paige help Jono regain his physical form. Upgrade: Madelyn tries to help a very frustrated Haroun deal with his new hardware. Kashmir Waltz: While in Kashmir, Angelo discovers that Nathan has been experiencing seizures, as well as the reasons behind Nathan's new line of work. Scott suggests that Warren might want to offer his talents to Nathan, in helping with any legal problems the school might have. Tommy wakes from his coma.

2006: Marie, returning to herself, emails several apologies and checks on Jennie. Jennie is in the midst of an OCD bout and Marie notifies the staff of her mental state. Julio meets Marius. Amanda, Angelo and Marie go to Muir Island to see Manuel; Amanda begins to finally let him go.

2007: New Orleans Is Sinking: Remy re-establishes the Compact between the Guilds and the Carrib poeple, and stands down as Guildmaster before confronting Arlen about the lie of Remy's parentage; Arlen gives Remy an envelope containing his true history; Remy finds Ororo in the hospital, exhausted and her powers gone, and tells her about the envelope's contents before destroying it; the poor quarters of New Orleans erupt into a giant street party as X-Force and Ororo are hailed as heroes; at Tante's directive, Amanda uses the power of New Orleans to heal Marie-Ange and boost Illyana's teleportation to bring both girls from New York; Mark and Remy discuss why Mark is with X-Force; Ororo returns to the school, and discusses her situation with Scott. Laurie calls her father and arranges a meeting. Jay Guthrie returns to the mansion, convinced by his mother to go to college after his music career fails.

2008: Doug posts a link about hacking. Kevin is looking for a missing sculpture. Amanda emails Jane to make sure she's okay. Forge and Nathan discuss his issues with returning to the X-Men after X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith. Catseye talks Laurie into feeding her.

2009: Lex and Clarice simulate a 'smash and grab' operation in the Danger Room. Amanda gives Adrienne the bad guy finger she whined about for months and the two discuss their addictions and how they overcame them, as well as the Hellfire Club. Adrienne posts to let the mansion know about her company's Halloween costume recycling drive.

2010: Jean-Paul visits Vanessa and they talk about her new alt and various things as they eat Mexican.

2011: Korvus, Xavier's newest student, meets his new roommate Artie. The Problématique: Bishop emails Wanda, Garrison, Doug, Lex, Warren and Jean about not finding much in Vanessa's hotel room in Boston. Korvus makes his first post on the network introducing himself. Korvus asks his fellow students for help speaking casually, as his English is quite formal. Matt and Wade go on a hunt for onion rings that Matt and Kyle could eat.

2012: Remy posts about taking North off active duty. Remy updates the Professor on Rachel’s quest for Xorn. X-Corps: Breaking the World:Angelo posts about X-Corps first possible mission. What Am I Doing Here?: Sam emails Kurt about staying for a bit in Kentucky to help fix his mom’s house.


2014: Cecilia makes a journal entry announcing her two week trip to Africa with Doctors Without Borders. Rogue e-mails Scott asking permission to teach art lessons in the boathouse. Higher Than Hope: Laurie sees a chance and takes it. Rogue makes a journal entry about her art lessons.

XProject Announcements and News:

PHASE 2 HAS BEGUN!!! Follow our characters as they traverse a brave new world and cope with the destruction of everything they knew.

Third character applications are open and being accepted!

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Coming Soon:

  • Paradise Lost: The Hellfire Club is dead; all hail the new Hellfire Club!

  • Dial My Number: An attempt at discrediting a politician proves dangerous for staffer Darcy Lewis who gets caught in the crossfire.

  • Little Paper Dolls: A psionic SOS leads Emma Frost and friends to a mind-boggling discovery.

  • Burn The Witch: Topaz gets into trouble in India. Luckily, she knows a team of spies.

  • Do I Know You?: A telepathic accident results in four minds being trapped in the body of a young girl in Quebec with no way to call for help.

  • Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: Cecilia Reyes goes to Honduras in hopes of re-establishing her X-Corps project, and ends up in over her head.

  • Operation: Mutant of the Seas: X-Force discovers not all of Genosha's mutates were returned to their former selves...

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