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Moment of Awesome - Quentin Quire/Kid Omega : During a pro-mutant protest, Quentin and Monica Rambeau realise they approach mutant rights from very different viewpoints.

"Fuck you and fuck your mother, too, buddy." Quentin turned on his heel to break away from the protest for a minute. He needed a break. He almost wished he smoked cigarettes so he'd have something to calm him down. He started when he saw the young woman behind him. And from the look on her face, he didn't need his telepathy to know what she was thinking. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt them. Right now."

"Your restraint is admirable," she replied wryly, thinking as she said it that she sounded like her father. "But seriously, it's good. Things are way too hair trigger here."

"Yeah, and whose fault is that?" he asked rhetorically, eyeing the cops again. "Our revolution is never gonna come if we keep playing by their goddamn rules."

"It won't come if we're the antagonists either. We take the first punch and it's crackdowns and the registration act and fucking internment camps like they have in Australia for refugees," was Nica's response. "There's a bigger picture to keep in mind."

Quentin rolled his eyes. "Read a book. America does all that regardless of provocation. It's going to happen even if we segregate ourselves and never interact with flatscans. They'll find a justification. We're keeping to ourselves, we must be planning something, right? Into the gas chambers we go, just the same as if we hide in plain sight and pretend we're flatscans ourselves. Don't you think we should do something to even the odds before they come to slaughter us?"

"Which 'they'? The cops? The politicians? Or just anyone who doesn't happened to have the x-gene?" She gestured behind them at the crowd. "It's not just mutants out here today supporting us."

"You think they're going to stick around after shots are fired by either side?" He visually scanned the crowd, noting the variety of protesters. There were several obvious mutants, but many others who, like the two of them, could pass or weren't even mutants themselves. He sighed and ran a hand through his recently dyed hair.

"I'm willing to wait and give them the chance to show me one way or another before I judge them." Nica's eyes literally flashed - she had trouble keeping her powers in check when she was emotional. "That's your problem, Quire. You're so convinced you're right about everything you don't give anyone a chance to prove they aren't all out to get you."

He chuckled. "You're not the first person to say that. But if there's anything I've learned since I manifested, it's that everyone is out to get me. It's not paranoia if it's true."

"Downside of the TP?" she asked rhetorically. "Is everyone that hypocritical?"

"Upside," he corrected her. "Now I know 'trust no bitch' is a good maxim to live by."

Today in XProject:

March 16

2004: Marie-Ange asks Doug out. Manuel is offered the chance to be able to go about without a collar, and tells Alison what he did to Lorna.

2005: Scott and Jean finally meet and talk. Jamie convinces Paige that not everyone hates her, and they go for a drive. Nathan finds Catseye still trying to experiment with her Big Cat form. Kylun uses the Danger Room to recreate his old monastery, and Alison accompanies him in meditation. Dani is harassed by anti-mutant bigots, and loses control of her power until Alison shows up. Thermopylae: Plans are made for the final assault on Mistra; Hank provides Alison with sonic generators to add to her uniform.

2006: X-Men Mission: Trans-Siberian Hustle: On the ground in Vladivostok, Scott makes a voice-scrambled call to set up the critical part of the All-New and Expanded Grand Plan. Scott and Piotr take a train ride. Piotr brings vodka. Scott gets into the freight car and finds the crate containing Gideon's cargo. The girl in the box is a little disoriented, not unexpectedly. Sam plays catch the train. Then he gets to play ‛knight in shining armor'. As he gets the girl out of there, someone else gets put in the box. Meanwhile, back in Vladivostok, Alison and Nathan arrange to have one more angle covered. Nathan stands on a rooftop in the snow and keeps an eye on things. He is possibly pouting just a little at the role he finds himself in, but doesn't let that stop him from doing his part of the job. As the meeting starts, Gideon's security detail, delayed by the snow and rushing to meet their boss, runs into a spot of trouble. Cain doesn't precisely meet his match, but he does meet someone who can hold their own. Haroun tackles the flyer in the group, focusing on keeping her from getting to her boss. Kurt finds someone who likes to play with knives. Alison takes on an energy-projector who is somewhat lacking in her follow-through - surprising, given her employer, but Alison takes full advantage of it. The X-Men's diversionary tactic works exceptionally well, leaving Gideon with precisely one mutant to synch to at the meeting site. He opens the box and gets a nasty surprise. Pete enjoys himself just a little, but sadly, doesn't get to have quite as much fun as he'd hoped. The two teams regroup at the Blackbird, and Scott and Alison take stock. Nathan and Pete hook back up and stop for a bit of a breather before heading back to the plane. Pete laments how minimal the violence was. Nathan gets a precognitive flicker and a nasty little idea as to how to rub Gideon's nose in things. It doesn't take much to talk Pete into it.

2007: Lorna drags Marie out. Marie-Ange and Forge go on another date and a conspiracy is revealed. Sooraya shows Tommy some of her progress with her powers, scouring a chunk of silver smooth. Monet and Crystal go for coffee and unexpectedly bond over mutual reluctance to be at the school. Kaiten: The situation for Scott grows more desperate as his powers continue to increase. Five Against One: Marie and Lorna encounter a wildly out-of-control Davey, and discover Jack is harming the body in his anger over Charles' confession.

2008: Nori gets her White Day chocolates from Julio and thanks him in English; Nori mentions she has been thinking in English too hard and her head hurts. Amanda shows the new employee, Lucas Bishop, around the Snow Valley offices; Emma meets with her security expert and explains the lay of the land to him; Bishop introduces himself on the Snow Valley comm. Im Odenwald: Kurt emails Emma, asking for a meeting to discuss methods to take his father down without harming the school. Red X Mission: Reconstruction: Laurie talks to Tommy about futures; the Red X mission participants return home; Crystal emails Forge, Scott and Medusa to let them know of her return and to arrange a meeting with Scott about Nori's training; Kyle and Laurie sit with each other on the flight home and talk about her comments on the journals.

2009: Dani lets people know there are pies in the kitchen. Manuel checks on Amanda and they talk about the reason behind his earlier email. 3 2 1 Contact: Leo and Charles have lunch and Charles has a suggestion for one of Leo's patients. Midsummer's Nightmare: Catseye and Yvette are rehearsing and talking about the play when Catseye falls through a broken trapdoor. Jean-Phillipe announces he is going to Attilan for a short time. Callie and Cammie run into each other by accident and Cammie lays down the law about how she feels about her past being delved into. Adrienne and Morgan visit a sex shop. Noriko approves of Jean-Paul's new tattoo, Japanese kanji for the word "powers teacher". Yvette and Fred talk about the upcoming play.

2010: Jan emails Lorna with a special food request for Kyle's 20th birthday and Lorna happily obliges.

2011: Laurie e-mails Wade to ask if he's available for lunch, making a raincheck for it as he's going out of town. Amara can't sleep and is feeling overly hot, which is unusual for her. Warren texts Vanessa about a meeting he has in District X that day and asks if she'd like to meet up for lunch; she's leaving town so takes a raincheck, and the exchanging of dirty pictures is discussed. Wade makes a post about leaving town until Sunday. Wade e-mails Molly to let her know he's going, and to be prepared for a huge sandwich a la Wade when he gets back. Kevin and Jean-Paul wake up together without feeling guilty about doing so for the first time, and they have breakfast together, talking about how Jean-Paul's hood slipped off during the night. Julian leaves a t-shirt with a comical picture of squirrels on it outside Dori's door. Kyle wants to recreate a shot from Teen Wolf and asks who has a camera to record it. Molly announces that she's invulnerable, that she misses Wade, and that her folks have e-mailed her.

2012: Scott makes a post to x_team congratulating Jean-Phillipe for making full X-Man status. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange with a picture of himself in X-Men uniform pants, asking if his ass looks fat. Lorna and Sam run into each other while out jogging early in the morning, catching up with each other, talking about the St. Patrick's Day party and history. Kurt and Monet have a huge, loud fight that finally leads to the end of their relationship. Monet e-mails her father to accept his offer of an internship before she starts studying law.

2013: Angel and Sooraya horse around in the pool and discuss adulthood. Topaz finds Kurt to thank him for her birthday present. Adrienne sees things that aren’t there in Amanda’s apartment when she goes over for dinner. Clint texts Maddie trying to glean information regarding Billy’s strange behaviour, but Maddie doesn’t bite. Remy enlists Sarah M in field testing Cammie to make sure she can handle the job. Wade texts Marie-Ange to tell her about booking reservations for April for a new restaurant.

2014: Molly introduces the mansion to her new Taco Space Cat backpack. Clint warns all the New Mutants that tomorrow is Holi, and they should stock up on ammunition for the celebration. Tabitha warns that the library is a no powder zone for fear of community service. Sooraya goes to Canada on a study trip.


2016: Jubilee shares a video of U.S. gymnast Danusia Francis. Molly is excited about discovering Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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