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Moment of Awesome - Monica Rambeau/Spectrum: During their first battle against the Brotherhood, Nica discovers she's not as invulnerable as she thought she was.

The woman glanced toward the girl floating up in the air. She gave her a smile. "Oh. You're adorable," she said with amusement, tossing the flower aside.

"All shiny and full of hope."

A ghostly white light started to bleed out of her eyes, radiating from each bit of bare skin before coalescing at the tip of her finger. She pointed it at Nica like a gun, and the white light shot at her. The moment it struck, it sent her crashing down to the ground.

"Let's talk."

Nica looked up from where she was collecting herself, confused and shocked that the energy had impacted her. "What the fuck?" she said, mostly to herself. But the enemy was coming and Nica was damned if she was going to find the X-Man on her knees in the dirt. She struggled to her feet, brushing down her uniform. "Clever trick," she said as the woman approached. "Keep back - I have my own energy beams, thank you very much."

The moment Nica got to her feet, the woman used an energy whip to knock her off them again. "I know," she said.

Her fingers began to move as if she were playing a harp, and she started to draw the stored energy out of Nica. "And they're quite the spectrum. But sometimes you're just here to be made an example."

Nica gasped as light began seeping out of her body, drawn towards the white-haired woman. "What are you...?" she choked out, clutching her stomach and doubling over. It felt like her very bones were being liquified and she dropped to her knees again, unable to stay on her feet. To her horror, when she looked down at herself, her body was wavering, becoming transparent - as if the woman was stripping away her very self.

After a certain point, the woman stopped, strolling up to Nica and crouching down to plant a kiss on her forehead with a slow smile.

"Good night," she said. Standing up, she calmly walked away, singing a merry song.

"Good night sweetheart, well, it's time to go...I hate to leave you but I really must say...well, good night sweetheart, good night."

Nica barely felt the kiss - her skin, her muscles, her bones... everything was cold, insubstantial. All she could do was huddle on the ground, trying to focus as hard as she could on existing. Because it felt like if she didn't, she'd fade away entirely.

Today in XProject:

September 19


2004: Nathan has insomnia and is interrupted from pacing by Alison, to whom he tells about MacInnis’ e-mail. When he finally does get to sleep, he drags Betsy into his dreams. When she manages her way out, she tries to lose herself in alcohol, but Alison will have none of that. During normal waking hours, Alison visits Kurt in the greenhouse after he’s returned from church.

2005: Upgrade: Forge asks Sam for flight statistics. Scott reminds Jean it's been six months since she came back to the mansion. Paige makes a post about looking at the sunny side of life that's taken badly by Nate given the closeness of the Youra six month anniversary.

2006: Forge and Crystal get into an argument and she accidentally starts a fire with her powers.

2007: Logan posts about Knob Creek's annual gun festival and gets twitchy about Forge mentioning wanting to study Remy's powers. Nori meets Lorna. Kurt and Marie finally talk about their shared parent.

2008: Mark has a Lego Madonna and Doug celebrates Talk like a Pirate Day. Rahne announces her departure to Elpis' Tel Aviv office for several months.

2009: Operation: Man of Stone: Bishop and Sofia run surveillance on Zakharov; Amanda and Morgan head to Symkaria to get the information they need to access their target. Sarah posts about going back home to live with her folks.

2010: Vanessa complains about a case on the X-Factor comm. Jean-Paul returns and in the process of having his Alpha Flight suit removed by Kevin, they discover something odd about Kevin's powers.

2011: Yvette mentions her discovery of popcorn scattered around the Danger Room observation console.

2012: Doug posts a picture of a keyboard for pirates for talk like a pirate day. Clint arrives at the mansion and Maddie shows him around while his foster fathers talk to the teachers. Kyle posts that he will not be teaching any pirate based novels in English, although does allow that if people wish to do a presentation he is open to giving them extra credit. Scott posts to x-staff highlighting a problem with Hope constantly ghosting out, the other teachers respond that they’ve noticed the same thing happening. After class Adrienne holds Sue back to ask her if she would be interested in joining a chess club and to warn the girl of the difficulties involved in dating Matt.

2013: Doug celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day. Topaz finds an item of laundry that isn’t hers and reveals Maddie’s darkest secret - she’s a cheerleader.

2014: Not So Amazing: The NY Times has a story about vigilantism and third-party intervention possibly compromising the murder investigation; Kyle visits Miles to ask him to cease his involvement but Miles denies being Spider-Man; Kyle posts to x-team about not being able to dissuade Miles; Miles and Ganke decide to pursue the killer despite Kyle’s warnings; Miles goes after Carnation’s killer and needs to be rescued by the X-Men; Kyle posts to the X-Men comm about rescuing Spider-Man. Higher Than Hope: Laurie emails the Professor agreeing to accompany Hope to Michigan; Laurie emails Doug about accompanying Hope to Michigan. Gabriel posts about being happy not to be in District X anymore. Wade texts Doug asking to go over security footage of District X. Wade leaves a voicemail for Silas Burr about taking Rachel on a security job at Catseye’s deli. Wade offers Kurt the job of watching eVolution at night to keep it secure. Julian and Rogue discuss her powers at the party. Kyle texts Dori asking her to order him drinks at the party. Kyle texts Doug telling him not to stalk Spider-Man anymore because he’s been caught. Julian and Angel talk at the party and toast to new beginnings. Gabriel and Clint meet and discuss flirting. Wade emails the people he trains to tell them he’s postponing training due to his security work.

2015: Jubilee’s attempt to address the “teens vs. adults” situation only causes more discord as her tone is read as being bossy by several residents; Clint emails Adrienne about the obnoxiousness of Jubilee; Angelo texts Jean-Phillipe with his own commentary on the situation; Jubilee emails Kurt about getting out of the mansion for a bit; Gabriel declares everyone in the mansion is either ridiculous or boring; Charles emails the over-18s, letting them know xp_staff has been opened up for adult-specific communications away from the kids. Laurie is pleased with her latest checkup after her surgery. Alex asks Scott for the loan of something to pack his stuff in for the trip to LA with Lorna; Alex posts an instagram crosspost to show off his packed bag.

2016: Alex posts about officially being a college graduate. Tandy posts about Fashion Week. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Hope goes to a sex shop to buy the means to silence Garrulous; Hope distracts Scanner, while Doug and Darcy find her body and contain her; Darcy takes out Garrulous by slipping something in his drink; Darcy then contacts Clint to arrange for SHIELD to take custody of them.

2017: Gabriel texts Wade asking him to take him somewhere sketchy so that he can go and get lucky after Quentin brushes him off. Psi War: Haller emails Amanda to let her know that there was no sign of the Shadow King and suggesting she reproduce the ritual to flush him out of the Astral Plane; a news story is released about an escape from Westchester Correctional Facility involving Randall Bush; Quentin is over the moon about Randall’s escape, Alex not so much.

2018: Maya posts about how hard therapy is, and Xavin snaps back at her. Quentin sends Jean a thank you for his present. Alani and Sooraya meet in the kitchen and talk about why Alani has come to the mansion.



2021: Terry sends Angelo and Sooraya a follow-up note about the kids brought back from Madripoor.

XProject Announcements and News:

Congrats Jeff on new character Inez Temple and Tink on taking on Illyana Rasputin!

Welcome to new player Evy! We look forward to seeing your Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat soon!

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  • Town Called Malice: When the X-Men investigate a pocket cell of Clan Akkaba, they instead uncover a new foe... and an old face.

  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

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