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Moment of Awesome - Stephen Strange: Caught up assisting in a multi-vehicle pile up, Stephen has a Moment. But the important part is he gets through it.

Things were happening way too fast, first the crash then the bang and people running from the crash scene and someone saying they should help, the teenager couldn't ever remember who. But now he was slowly picking his way through the remains with Matt trying to follow the older man's steps exactly. But where Matt seemed so sure of his footing, able to avoid tripping or sharp point Stephen found that his feet kept slipping and he'd send random pieces of debris skittering across the floor. Maybe this is what Julian had meant when he told Generation-X that they all needed training.

Right now, Matt was wishing for better shoes than the ankle boots he was wearing. Those shoes with the toes he had would be good. Or even his Daredevil boots. These didn't give him as much traction as he would prefer. He almost took them off, but it was both too cold out and too dangerous. Unlike most people with heightened senses, he didn't get healing or invulnerability or anything like that. Nope. Grade-A normal person with a few enhanced senses.

Those senses were helping lead him through the rubble of the crash to find people. Pausing on top of a car, he sniffed, cocking his head to one side and trying to focus on some more fainter sounds. "You okay?" he asked Stephen. The kid was keeping up, but Matt was pretty sure he was glad he couldn't see the rubble and mess of this wreck. It was massive. The smells were bad enough. 'Okay' was a relative term after all.

"I'm know what, no I'm not," Stephen admitted, "It's dark, and I think I've slipped and fallen onto shards of metal at least 3 times." The teen started as the wreck of one of the cars creaked and gave Matt a weak grin, "I'm terrified. How do you guys do this all the time? This might only be my first time but I'm constantly scared that one of the cars will slip and drive me over the edge or I'll screw up somehow."

Pausing, Matt realized that while the dark didn't matter to him, it was likely affecting Stephen. So was the cold and the wet. They affected him too, but he put them out of his mind the best he could. "You're not going to screw up," he said confidently, to reassure the teen. "and you're not going to go over the edge," getting cut by metal was a real concern for them both though. Moving back a little to where he was, Matt sat back on his heels for a minute, then said softly, "It's okay to be scared. You are absolutely entitled to have a melt down....later. Right now, we have a job to do, okay? Can you do it?"

Stephen nodded slowly, "I'm not gonna freak out on you. I mean in a way this is like every childhood dream I've had of playing a hero at an accident and saving the day. Only when you dream you don't think about any of this other stuff or how I have water dripping down my back or almost sprained my ankle. I really need to think through my daydreams better. I'm not gonna fall apart on you Matt, just well...if you hear any squeaks or something can we just ignore them, and not tell Clea? She'd never let me live it down, like ever."

That made him grin, "They will be very manly squeaks," he agreed. "Now, let's keep going, I hear something up ahead."

Today in XProject:

May 18: Hope Abbott's Birthday

2003: Jean's memorial service. John leaves to join Magneto.

2004: An argument between Manuel and Nathan is broken up by Moira, who reassures Nathan that she’s fine. Manuel also has an argument over e-mail with Amanda. Alison and Miles meet GW. Domino chills with Amanda and Angelo, who later goes to punch stuff with Sarah. Angelo and Amanda also visit Nathan (separately), but meet up later to talk. Piotr e-mails Charles about being his bodyguard. Moira turns down Clarice’s offer of medlab help. Skippy (plot): Charles explains to Jamie why tracking Skippy is so difficult. Pete gives Manuel The Talk, and offers up some advice to Amanda.

2005: Amanda talks with Remy about his wedding gift; being sick lowers his defenses and he is honest with her. While helping Dani study math, Manuel uses his empathy to make her feel better than she has in a long time. Stigmata: Haroun runs into Paige after a Danger Room session and her paranoia continues to increase. Haroun displays some disturbing behavior during a routine medical exam with Madelyn. Lorna asks Remy some questions and he is unable to lie to her. Catseye outs SOG on the journal system and the Guthries get upset.

2006: Bleeding: Marius borrows Kurt’s powers and practices teleporting. Scott and Jean go for a drive.

2007: Jan anticipates her birthday in two weeks. Amanda asks Marie-Ange, Sofia and Wanda for help with a dress for the Elpis dinner. Angelo discovers Nathan has been avoiding Jack's calls. Ahab (plot): Jennie and Marius talk about what happened, and she goads him into reacting; later, Marie finds them napping together. Jan visits Kyle and reassures herself he's all right. Haller attempts to apologise for forgetting his and Betsy's birthdays, realises he forgot their first year anniversary, and then they discover they have an accidental psychic link, which makes things even more awkward.

2008: Charles announces that Scott and Ororo will be standing down as headmasters and that the school will be undergoing some changes over the summer. Forge meets Callisto and they work out a prospective job. Gene Nation (plot): Remy announces to the XF comm that he has to stay out of New York for the time being to avoid trouble with David Langstrom; Sarah emails Amanda welcoming her back and mentioning more Morlocks have been found. Bedlam: Adrienne notes a newspaper story about Amanda's muggers being found naked and amnesiac and lets the cat out of the bag as to her being missing.

2009: Halflight: Tabitha finds herself in the hands of the Serpent Society and overhears Porter has given her to them as a weapon for the Black Court; . Wanda, Jake and Amanda go out for belated birthday drinks, and among other things, Amanda arranges a date for Meggan to the prom. Laurie and Crystal discuss relationships on their way back to New York. Johnny and Doreen decide to go to the prom together.

2010: Laurie emails Yvette and Hank about Kyle's recovery routine. On a visit to the Snow Valley offices, Meggan takes the chance to thank Remy for helping save her life from Selene.

2011: Vanessa and Warren, having a lazy day, discuss Warren's investment options in District X. Yvette announces the Prom is coming up and asks for volunteers. Jan invites Kyle, Kevin and Matt to her graduation ceremony. Kevin takes "John" to a male strip joint as a birthday prank, establishing his heterosexuality before taking him to a female strip joint instead.

2012: Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know he's out of town for the day. Kyle posts about getting a substitute teaching day at a school in District X. For Free Trade: Layla gets a ride with Laurie to the protest; the Xavier's people go to the protest by bus and discuss what might be happen; the protest is in full swing when the Xavier group arrives, with far more people than they expected; a bomb goes off at the protest, causing the Xavier's people to cluster together against the panic; a second bomb goes off and the Xaverites vanish in a strange blue glow, unnoticed by anyone else; Kurt raises the alarm on x_team, Marie-Ange does the same on x_snowvalley, but no-one can get in touch with those who were at the rally; Wade texts Marie-Ange about what is happening at the protest and she tells him to come in; the kidnapped Xavierites find themselves in a concrete room, facing Thomas Moreau, brother to the Genoshan President, as well as Betsy Braddock, now a magistrate, naked and then powerless; Jean-Paul grabs Artie and escapes, while Sooraya turns to sand and escapes into the ventilation shafts; Charles posts to x_journal notifying everyone that he briefly found the missing group in Genosha, before they disappeared from Cerebro's readings; midnight in Genosha, the kidnapped mutants are left in cells to contemplate what has happened.

2013: Hope e-mails Sue inquiring about finding a place that makes business cards. Jean-Phillipe declares a Eurovision watching party in the rec room on his journal, and posts a video of Greece’s entry. Johnny asks Yvette about Red X after a Danger Room run. Tandy and Clint enjoy Junior Prom and show off some unique dance moves.

2014: On the second anniversary of the Genosha rally abductions, Fred posts drunkenly about cupcakes and muffins and emails Callie a picture of his left eyebrow.

2015: Alison posts she can’t sleep and gets advice on good blinds for her room. Marie-Ange emails Doug asking if he can talk to her about the Frankenberry Cat Alison. Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown Acting on the information gathered, half of X-Force lay in wait for their thief who turns out to be a handful, while the rest of the team work out what their target is trying to do.

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HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY X-PROJECT!!! Come share the cake!

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