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Moment of Awesome - Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl : When Hope Abbott uses Reed Richards to get sensitive business information, Sue confronts her.

There was nothing but disdain in the way Sue looked at Hope, crossing her arms and staring down at her. "The polite and proper act might work with most people but I've seen it used by experts Miss Abbott, I know you're smarter than that." She took a slow breathe, her eyes narrowing, "But if you need me to spell it out for you, Reed."

"Ah, I see." Hope replied coolly. "Reed was kind enough to help me with some work I needed done. Work of which, by your words, he is more then capable of. I am very grateful for his assistance."

Blue fire flashed in Sue's eyes as she shook her head, "Remember what I said about the polite facade working on me Miss Abbott?" The older woman stepped closer to Hope, staring up at the taller girl without a hint of intimidation in her eyes. "You used him Hope, you took the kindest most trusting man at the mansion and you used him, and you used me to do it." A slow clap echoed around the empty room, "Congratulations, you wanted to make it in society? You just made it, you're no better than any socialite using other people to get their way. All you had to give up is what made you a good person, what made you someone I thought was my friend."

"I asked him to help me, Sue. To do something you have stated yourself he is well capable of. And for something I could go to no one else to ask for." Hope explained, once more pushing down the guilt she felt. She had not set out to manipulate his feelings as much as she ended up doing and that was something...

"That's a lie, and you know it," Sue countered, "Sure Reed is capable, he might be the most technically capable person I know, but that doesn't make him the right choice." The woman closed her eyes and breathed out, "When she started speaking again her voice was more calm and controlled, "He's naive Hope, he's an innocent. All he cares about are his friends and science and you used that."

"He was the only one I could go to." Hope objected, folding her arms over her chest.

"Really?" Sue crossed her arms over her chest, leaning on her back foot as she stared up at Hope coldly, "cause you don't know any other hackers do you?" Sarcasm dripped from her words like venom, "Except we both know that's not true, you know two of the best in New York, so why don't you try again Miss Abbott?"

"Really?" Hope echoed Sue, raising her eyebrow sharply. "I did consider going to you, but last week I realized I could not do that. Not after what I read in the newspaper about Hurricom taking over Angleman Inc. I came to the conclusion it would not be good to ask you to look for such potential sensitive information."

The blonde arched an eyebrow at the younger girl "One of my dad's subsidiaries brought out another company? That's hardly news, we buy a company or two every month. That's the way business is done, you find a company you need, you buy it out to get your hands on the technology you want."

Today in XProject:

August 7

2003: Kurt returns to the school.

2004: Asgard (plot): The dwarves and Jamie encounter a dragon, and Jamie wins a pun contest with it; Fyrlaf the dragon gives Jamie a shiny thing; Angelo's elven friends attack the dark elves and Angelo is captured; Angelo discovers Jubilee is a pixie and a prisoner of the dark elves; Manuel is trained by Loki and foils a plot to kill his master; Marie-Ange and Shiro encounter each other and realise they aren't alone; Doug plays for the Enchantress and realises Amanda doesn't know who she is; Dr. Stephen Strange discovers the students were taken to Asgard but can't get them back; various parents arrive in response; the Askani show themselves to Manuel's father.

2005: The Box finally returns to operation.


2007: Sound of Silence: Angelo posts from Attilan about the state of things and wishes Forge a happy birthday; Forge has gone back to his parents' house first. Terry updates from Cassidy Keep about her own birthday celebration and her upcoming wedding.

2008: Seven Minutes In Heaven: Pete reports back to the Snow Valley team and sets them to work on subtle ways of getting at Lense since direct action is too dangerous. Yvette wishes Forge a happy birthday. Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Under-Minister Robert Gordon MacDonald sends the mansion's Red X volunteers an invitation to Sri Lanka to help with a Red Cross water purification system in a refugee camp. Doug eats a burrito the size of his arm after pulling an all-nighter. Crystal and Forge have dinner to celebrate his birthday, but talk turns serious as he dwells on his mortality.

2009: Jay has nightmares and can't sleep and when Dani tires to comfort him, he recoils, things being far too close to a relationship for his comfort. Amara lets people know she's going back to Nova Roma for a visit and invites people to go with her; Amara emails Ororo and Scott to ask for team leave and Manuel to arrange horse riding lessons. Lex comes across Jay unloading topsoil for Ororo and gives him a start and things are tense until Jay calms down. House of Wolves: Wanda lets x_snowvalley know that she's going to London with Jake and two others in response to a call from an old friend. Adrienne and Manuel go shopping for Valentia and Manuel uncovers Adrienne's true feelings for Garrison. Jay leaves a birthday card taped to Forge's door; Crystal emails Forge to remind him of his birthday dinner; Forge and Paige share a typical day in the lab and Paige reminds him about his date also. Cammie and Jean-Paul try their hands at cooking Hamburger Helper Cammie-style. Johnny lets his suitemates know he's moving out to share with a new student; Victor Borkowski and his parents arrive at the school, to be met by Dori and then by Jean-Paul, who gives them the tour; Vic meets his new roomie, Johnny; Vic introduces himself on the journals. Yvette and Laurie both wish Forge a happy birthday. Jay leaves Yvette an early birthday card. Home and Native Land: Garrison, Logan, Lil and Marie investigate the site of the massacre and discover a set of dogtags like those used in Weapon X. Monet visits Nathan and the two discuss the effects of telepathy on people and Nathan's feelings of uselessness which lead Monet to make a promise of sneaking work past Amelia for him.

2010: Jean-Paul lets Vanessa know that he has the final batch of DNA in his hands and that he will be returning to New York soon.

2011: Warren informs Wade that Vanessa is missing. Wade announces to the journals that he's back. Artie inquires about how he might go about finding his birth mother; Kurt emails Bishop and Amanda, telling them that he'll cover any costs for that; Amanda explains that X-Force will do it. Kyle drops by on Doug after being finger-printed for his school background and they talk about Dori's school finance issues following her father dissolving her trust fund.

2012: Fred goes to talk to Callie, and he convinces her to stay at the mansion for a while. North goes to Scott to ask advice on buying motorcycle. Fred emails Angelo for help about getting Callie out of her apartment lease.

2013: Jubliee texts Kurt about going to the zoo on the weekend. Molly's nervousness in the face of Marie-Ange forces her to talk with Marie-Ange and Wade about the identity of Death of Rachel's fake world.

2014: Angel posts that she will be taking over driving the bus and that there will be a field trip to District X to view an art show. A news article was posting of the CEO of Keller Industries has been arrested by SHIELD agents and being charged with tax evasion and contributing money to terrorist groups (and other things).

2015: Matt makes a journal entry about why he loves telecommuting. Jean visits Warren to thank him for saving her life now that she’s able to leave the house alone without fear of being assassinated, which goes about as well as expected. Matt gives Miles a belated birthday present. Cruelty is Bitter Bane: Logan and Kane trail the money drop back to a suspect; Kane and Kitty go to confront Westcott in his cell.

August 2016: Miles thinks he can do better than the Olympic athletes, to mansionwide consternation. Jean-Paul posts to let people know that he’s in Rio for the Games. Gabriel texts Jean-Paul to let him know he’d like to sleep with an Olympic athlete. Jubilee posts to let people know she’ll be staying at the mansion for the next few weeks to geek out over the gymnastics.

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October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

School Dates

Sep 7 - First Day of 2017-2018 School Year

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  • Ride of the Valkyrie: Another plot by Loki against his brother Thor results in certain mutants being caught in the middle - and the "return" of someone thought lost.

  • Green-Eyed Monster: A medical mystery arouses the concerns of the mansion's medical staff, and leads to a cross-country heist.

  • Psi War: A mysterious patient at Jean's hospital paves the way for the return of an old and terrible foe.

  • Happy Campers: A simple camping trip gets complicated for Kitty Pryde, Scott Summers, Rogue and Logan.

  • Dark Dimension: Homecoming: Vivid, unexplained nightmares reveal a truth to Clea that changes her whole world.

  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

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