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Moment of Awesome - Nina Thurman/Domino : Trying to prevent a terrorist bombing of Penn Station, Domino finds herself in the middle of a battle royale between Morlock and Tunneller.

While the two Morlocks bantered Dom was busy sizing up her foe. Well, not sizing up - she knew she was huge - but more contemplating the woman-lizard shift. If she shot off the lizard's toe would the woman be missing one as well? What about a tail? How did that track?

Toe seemed to be the safest bet, so as the lizard-woman paused, slightly stunned by Callisto's kick, Dom raised her firearm and took aim at one of her huge, scaley feet. Hopefully bullets would make a bigger impression than trash cans.

Scaleface shrieked in pain. Even though she had superhuman strength and stamina, she wasn't bulletproof. Lifting her foot, she snarled and reached for the nearest bench. Growling, she raised it over her head and threw it at Callisto, oblivious to the fact that it was the other woman who had shot her. In Scaleface's mind, this was all Callisto's fault.

Normally dodging large projectiles came naturally to Callisto, but perhaps she hadn't expected to be the focus of retribution on this occasion, because she didn't quite manage on this occasion - she lunged to the side at the last moment but a leg of the bench still caught her on its way past, sending her staggering sideways. Winded, she clutched her side where it had hit, blinking as white blotches of pain swam in her vision.

Well that had worked - sort of. Domino didn't really want to draw Scaleface's ire, given that she was pretty vulnerable to benches, but she also didn't want to see what would happen if she didn't do something to pull attention away from Callisto.

So. Tail it was.

The shock of her tail being shot at was worse than her toes. At least there her nails were able to deflect some of it, but her tail? Anger was quickly taking over, and it was all that Scaleface could do to try to direct it. "Who the fuck are you," she growled out, whirling around and trying to place the other woman. "You're on the wrong side you know!"

"Yeah, uh," Dom said, taking several rapid steps backwards, out of swiping distance. "About that. I dunno if killing hundreds of people is the best way to convince somebody you're the good guys. Y'know?"

Today in XProject:

May 26 - Jean-Paul Beaubier's birthday


2004: Alison speed-learns Askani but forgets English in the process. Nathan discusses with Amanda her dream-sharing with Manuel. Later, he gets some help from Angelo, and talks to Moira about Askani and control. Amanda offers Manuel’s services as DJ for a pool party and PCIF ponders performing, Angelo forwards Marie’s contact info to more people, and Piotr and Lorna make plans to get coffee. Something is driving Doug batty, and after Miles helps him figure out him figure out that it is cicadas talking, Doug informs Charles and heads down to the Box. Warren and Amanda argue over the weekend’s course of action, and Amanda decides to take a little sanity break.

2005: Madelyn tells Nate that his father is still alive. Haroun gives Meggan some markers to color with which she uses on herself. Jean and Alex agree to try and get along for Scott’s sake.

2006: Prom!

2007: Litmus: During the X-Men mission to protect Baron Eric Wagner, the X-Men take down the Magnetic North members but then encounter the Brotherhood of Mutants; whilst the X-Men battle Toad and Nimrod, Kurt takes the Baron to safety, only to discover his 'aid' is Mystique; in the confrontation, it is revealed that Wagner is Kurt's father, who tries to shoot Kurt before Kurt throws himself and Mystique through a window to get her away from Wagner; Amanda later visits Kurt in medlab and they talk about his discovery; Scott emails Pete and Remy with the updated information about the Brotherhood; Marie asks Garrison to keep her company in the wake of the mission. Voodoo Child: Sam is in Salem Center for a walk and is encouraged to enter a prize draw for a trip to Las Vegas. At the fair, all is going well until Forge is attacked by monkeys at a petting zoo and shenanigans ensue. Laurie meets Pete. Illyana emails Monet about the shoes.

2008: Zemo: The investigation team goes to Europe and meets with some of Kane's old associates in France; moving onto Russia, they join with another and confirm Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil are again active; before they can raise the alarm, they are abducted by the Enchantress, working for Zemo; Garrison and Christian are separated from the rest of the group and all of them face imminent death before managing to escape, with the plans to Zemo's latest doomsday machine. Jan complains about having schoolwork on Memorial Day.

2009: Rappaccini's Daughter: Elsewhere, George Tarleton wakes up after an accident whilst being teleported away from the X-Men to find Monica Rappaccini has "improved" him. Jean-Paul's birthday: Lil wishes the old man a happy one and arranges to take him for drinks; getting the booze for the party ready, Lil makes a deal with Julian for a bottle to go 'missing'; Lil gives Jean-Paul his birthday present with her usual gruff attitude; a drunken Jean-Paul waxes happily philosophical to Nathan; Jean-Paul lets Johnny know his father has given him permission to go on a road trip with his teacher; at the end of the night, Jake comes to put a very drunken Jean-Paul to bed. Catseye emails Kevin to ask him to take Yvette and herself to prom; Kevin emails Clarice about the possibility of a lift. Mark is cynical about the upholding of Prop 8. Yvette finds Fred and talks him into joining Red X to gain more confidence in his powers. Fred visits Forge and apologises (with booze) for the earlier argument about inhibitors and Forge explains his position on them; the apology turns into a basketball game, Forge and Fred vs. Lil and Kyle and Kyle demands a basketball lawyer; Forge winds up jammed in the hoop and asks Crystal to come save him. Jay has a session with Jack Leary that doesn't feel very productive.

2010: Jared e-mails Garrison about a job at Harry's. John-Paul e-mails Vanessa about Jake being back. Garrison goes to talk to Paige about Danger Room sessions and taking over the creation of them.

2011: Doug rewards Cammie for surviving the Operation: зимний солдат mission with the world's hottest chilli peppers, which she appreciates. Yvette remarks on the arrest of war criminal Ratko Mladic. Vanessa emails Crystal to try and arrange a get together. Kevin emails Jan about 'love mushrooms' that glow in the dark. Yvette and Laurie practice in the Danger Room, and Yvette has a breakthrough with her powers.

2012: The Unwritten Alliance: Escapees Sooraya and Artie venture out into the city in an attempt to find food. Jean wishes the missing Jean-Paul a happy birthday, wherever he is. The End of the Beginning: Wanda, Remy, North, and Nico meet to exchange information and come to conclusions about the Citadel; Remy posts to update everyone on the progress of the infiltration and revealing what X-Force has learned thus far, as well as making it known that Vanessa Carlyle is missing. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange to let her know he set the DVR for the Eurovision Song Contest, and the fridge is stocked with alcohol for when they get back.


2014: Cecilia thanks Namor for saving Hope’s life at Avalon. Lorna suggests she and Jean do wine and a movie. Molly brings Wade a present, and Wade explains engines to her. Adrienne takes Matt shopping and gives him the talk about treating Tandy well. Later, Adrienne arrives at Jean’s suite and convinces her to come out onto the town to go to a bar and forget her problems for a while.

2015: Angel emails Julian and Jess about Quentin's refusal to participate in Generation X self defense classes. The Gen X mentors try to talk to Quentin; it doesn't go well. Alison posts complaining about having to meet with her manager. While walking home from the meeting, Alison is harassed by a fan and saved by Daredevil. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Garrison talks to Fred Duncan about his future with the FBI and gets some information. Wade and Jean meet by the pool.

2016: Garrison posts to ask if his Danger Room vid is still a viral thing within the mansion. Gabriel posts about Fleet Week.

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Welcome to X-Project, Mark! Mark will be bringing in Melissa Gold/Songbird soon - watch for her!

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  • Glitter and Gold: A night out at a prestigious party turns perilous for Wanda Maximoff and friends.

  • Casefile: Showdown at General Tso's Corral: X-Factor Investigations gets involved when a favourite local restaurant is shaken down for protection money.

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