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Moment of Awesome - Garrison Kane/Dominion : During the X-Men's battle against the magically evil Avengers, Garrison gets to relive some history when he goes up against Captain America.

With Jean coming in, Kane dropped back from Hulk, only to watch Cyclops forced to shift from the duo of Black Widow and Captain America. Unsure, but confident that Jean and Marie could handle the Hulk, the Canadian quickly shifted on the battlefield, coming up behind Logan.

"Looks like you need some help, Old Man."

"Quit yer yappin' and actually give me some help, Dominion!" Logan grunted as he barely managed to dodge another blow from Cap's shield. Ducking low and rolling to the side, as Cap's shield slammed into the ground inches from where his head had been. It was rare Logan was evenly matched with anyone outside of Kane or other folks in the mansion, not when he couldn't bring all his capabilities to bear on the situation anyway.

"That's what I'm here for." The Canadian leapt into the fray, bull rushing Cap and putting him on the defensive. Black Widow was shadowing Logan, and when he was distracted, hit him with her widow sting, electricity arcing into him.

Logan cried out in pain this time since the aftereffects of the last blast were still singing in his body. "AARGHH!" He writhed for a few moments, jerking violently as he tried to stall himself from falling flat on his face.

"Wolverine!" Dominion tossed a chuck of concrete with deadly accuracy, although the Black Widow dodged it. Captain America intercepted his charge, tossing his shield like a missile at Kane's head. But Kane's mutant powers included his reflexes and he snatched the shield from the air.

"Alright, if we're on..." He slid the shield on to his arm. "Welcome to the War of 1812, motherfucker."

Captain America closed grimly with him, but Kane's superior speed and reflexes allow him the advantage. He used the shield like an arm guard; not confident in throwing it, but letting it add power as he smashed punches into Rogers' shoulder, stomach and thigh. He blocked a follow up kick and let the shield slip down to where he was holding the edge with both hands. As Captain America came in, Kane allowed the kick to land, powering through it and swinging the shield in a wide arc. The centre smashed into Rogers with a thunderous sound, lifting the Avenger off his feet and cracking his helmet into two pieces.

Rogers hit the ground unconscious, and Kane dropped the shield back on his prone form.

Today in XProject:

April 16

2004: Domino and Bridge come for their first visit to the mansion. Nathan plans revenge on Dr. Henry Pym. Sarah and Shinobi decide to leave for Boston. Marie hears that the mutant-testing program she was trapped in is being shut down.

2005: More wedding chats - this time, Nate and Cain. Nathan has another conversation with himself, and Amanda decides to return to the mansion - with Meggan. Terry and Tommy have a successful date. Hellfire and Damnation: Pete tells Domino his plan for keeping the students at the mansion safe from revenge from the Hellfire Club.

2006: Masque (plot): Finally the problem mutant is located; unfortunately, his minions manage to grab Ororo and drag her to the sewers; a rescue ensues, and Masque gets his comeuppance.

2007: Crystal tells Scott about her conversation with Yvette and about Logan's apparent perceptions of her. Operation: Cruel Country: Remy posts from the medical clinic asking for a laptop; Lorna emails Sofia, wondering why she didn't respond to the shopping post; Sofia and Mark finally make it back. John and Kurt meet up whilst Kurt is practicing his gymnastics in the trees. Kurt gives Jan a miniature trapeze to practice on. Jean emails Crystal about further training on Muir Island. Nathan announces Elpis has been invited to Hungary for a dedication to the victims of the Kaiten bombings and asks if anyone else would like to go; Nathan personally invites Yvette and Sooraya, and after some trepidation given the last field trip, they agree.

2008: Shakespeare Syndrome: The poetry outbreak continues, with Angel complaining about school in verse, Crystal breaking into limericks, Julio seducing Nori with Spanish poetry, Laurie posting free form verse; Marius raises questions about the phenomenon and Amanda researches possible occult causes; Forge removes himself from the journals as a security precaution; Farouk is disturbed; Scott asks for theories from the staff; Forge comes up with a way for Crystal to avoid humiliating herself on the journals; Angel and Jane gossip about boys in verse; Crystal announces she won't be teaching the next day; Jane encourages everyone to see the lighter side of things; Manuel reflects things haven't changed much in the mansion and Amanda comments about them needing to talk; Julio and Nori sleep together. Shiro meets Christopher Summers and inadvertently reveals his history with Alex when he doesn't realise Corsair speaks Japanese.

2009: Jake asks Remy for a job. Angelo contacts Samson and Kyle about Doreen's feral freakout. Kyle goes out and has a talk with Doreen and agrees to help her out. Julian has a talk with Callie about Doreen, and Callie finally manages to display her mutant power. Doc Samson notifies the school that he'll be taking a short trip. Tabitha and Manuel have more awkward flirting on Grand Cayman. Johnny and Doreen meet.

2010: Julian and Angel meet in the pool, show off with their powers a little in a splashing war, and then decide to declare a truce. Catseye stalks Cammie in the city, they talk about stealing and then Catseye feeds Cammie. Angelo teaches Catseye how to make Mexican stew. Julian helps move Artie into his new digs, and casts aspersions on Nick's good name. Lakshmibai Raj: Indian and Pakistani media report an earthquake in Kashmir.

2011: Vanessa texts Warren to see if he's awake, seeing if he wants to come over, which he does. After Vanessa relieves him from his surveillance duties, Jean-Paul receives a text from Bishop and meets him at the office, where Bishop has another task for him. Sarah Vale makes a journal post that she'll be going home for Spring Break. X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: Vanessa and Crystal (as James and Riley) track Simon in an attempt to uncover further information, posing as lovers unafraid of a little PDA; Laura finds a bruised Jubilee and deflects unwanted attention from Lars; they manage to infiltrate Barry's office; then the investigation team gets together that evening to form a plan of attack.

2012: Amanda makes a journal entry to thank everyone for the birthday celebration and gifts. Sharon texts Lorna about planning a party. Maddie texts Kyle with the message 'Bombs away!' in relation to his sliming. Kyle makes a journal entry referencing Ghostbusters after getting slimed and swearing vengeance against Maddie.

2013: Sue goes to talk to Maddie about their kiss during the cast party. Jubilee texts Amanda, Marie-Ange, Wanda, Ororo, Cammie, Nico, Sarah, and Emma to ask them over to her place Friday night for drinks and food. Sue texts Matt to see if he’s free to talk.

2014: Namor e-mails Amanda to inquire about a stone that glows around him which Sue took from a cave last year.

2015: Rogue and Kurt talk about Logan and Jubilee and Kurt reveals his plans for proposing to Jubilee. Gabriel texts Wade asking why Clint was at the mansion.

2016: Maya asks how the school is a safe place, people aren’t too happy with her question after the events of the previous day; Nica drags Maya out for a run to calm her down and talks to her about things. Alex and Lorna decide to go and train their powers together. Tandy visits Julian in the hospital wing as he wakes up. Angelo mentions that he’s started thinking about stuff from M-Day, which leads to a trip to Atlantic City. Angelo invites Jean-Phillipe along on his excursion. Wade talks to Maya about antagonizing the mansionites and finding other ways to discharge her temper. Julian wakes up to find Sue by his bedside; later, Laurie checks up on him.

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X-PROJECT HAS MOVED! Due to LJ's change in TOS, we've moved to Dreamwidth. Hope to see you in our new home!

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Apr 14-21 - Spring Break

Jun 14-22 - Finals

Jun 22 - Last Day of School

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  • Case File: Cat Scratch Fever: When Alex Summers and Lorna Dane are involved in an attempted bank robbery, X-Factor realises not everything is as it seems.

  • Set Fire To The Rain: A new attempt to portray the Hulk as a public danger results in near-disaster for New York.

  • Glitter and Gold: A night out at a prestigious party turns perilous for Wanda Maximoff and friends.

  • Casefile: Showdown at General Tso's Corral: X-Factor Investigations gets involved when a favourite local restaurant is shaken down for protection money.

  • How To Kill A Spider: A simple card game turns into something a lot more complicated... and creepy.

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