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MoA Daytripper.png
Moment of Awesome - Amanda Sefton/Daytripper : During a tough mission Amanda offers her emotions for Topaz to use as a power source.

She needed magic.

And it was that fact, and that alone, that stopped her from arguing with Amanda. Amanda was out of power, Topaz was nearly out. Only one of them could easily recharge out in the middle of nowhere. And unfortunately, it wasn't Amanda.

"Just do me a favor and try to remember why it's bad we're about to die," was the only warning Topaz gave before reaching out and pushing into Amanda's head.

The first thing she felt - and took - was anger. That wasn't much of a surprise. Amanda had been pretty clearly angry with her limitations out here since the fight had started. Below that was fear, which would have also been understandable - they were fighting an other worldly giant and not exactly winning. Hell, Topaz was afraid, and that wasn't something she admitted lightly. But it wasn't a fear of something. It was a fear for something. The difference was subtle, but Topaz had spent enough time messing with emotions to be able to identify it. It was fear for Marie-Ange, for Tandy, for Topaz - and even more fear for the two youngest being so close to SHIELD, and to Brand. She wanted them away from her.

The wall of flames brightened and grew as Topaz fed the surface emotions into them, and she already knew that wasn't going to be enough. With a whispered, "Sorry," she dug deeper.

And that was when she hit the grief.

That was enough of a shock to actually stop Topaz for a brief moment. Of all the things she had expected to find buried in Amanda's mind, two-year-old grief certainly wasn't it. Overwhelming grief for all the people she had lost, for the mentors who were gone. Blame for the students who had died, for the ones she should have been protecting. Fear that she would screw up and get more people killed. And underneath all of that was an intense craving that Topaz wasn't sure she wanted to try and identify.

She just took it all, and the flames grew taller, spreading further, successfully encircling the monster and the people fighting it. Topaz let out a shaking breath, trying to stave off the emotions from crossing her shaky shields and completely invade her mind, and stepped forward, dropping Amanda's hand and putting the blonde slightly behind her. Trying to protect her.

It was gone. All of it. Amanda took a shuddering breath, trying to process that the burden of emotion she'd been carrying since the Dark Phoenix was gone. Only, that required emotions as well, and she had nothing left. Just a blank, an absence of feeling, and if she'd been able to, she would have cried with the relief. Even the nagging hunger of the addiction, long smothered and buried under duty and responsibility and denial was gone. She wondered what would happen when it came back, but it was a purely rational question, devoid of the fear that she would slip under the weight again.

"Keep it up," she told Topaz tonelessly. "It looks like it's starting to weaken."

Today in XProject:

May 17 - Bobbi Morse's birthday

2003: Logan and Ororo's relationship starts.

2004: Domino contacts Charles Xavier and Pete about getting Nathan and Moira back home. Clarice ‘ports Amanda into town so she can get something to help Nathan; Amanda talks to Domino, heals Moira, and laughs at Bridge; Amanda tells Angelo where she got the power from, and looks over Nathan as he wakes up. Outside of the medlab, Shiro challenges Alex to a game of Street Fighter. Warren picks up Piotr at the airport, and Lorna schemes a private dinner for the lovebirds.

2005: Scott and Haroun discuss the Danger Room and team training. Cain goes to observe his handiwork in Betsy’s bedroom. At dinner, Haroun and Alison discuss potential outings, leading them to talk about his accident. Meggan is officially adopted by Margali.

2006: Romancing the Holy Whatsis: Amanda and Betsy show up in India to rescue Dr. Stephen Strange and go after Wanda.

2007: Logan emails Jean with his concerns about the Hound process and his own weaponising. Monet sends a belated response to Illyana's email. Medusa emails Crystal, Monet and Terry from Attilan, where she is battling wedding planners. Lorna throws Haller in the lake for no apparent reason. Forge finishes finals. Angelo invites Amanda out to an Elpis fundraiser. Haller realises he missed not only his own birthday, but Betsy's as well, and emails Lorna with predictions of his death. Kurt and Yvette meet in the woods and talk about various things. Jennie and Rahne run into each other and manage to resolve their outstanding issues from the bombings. Yvette volunteers to help Tabitha with the cataloguing.

2008: Bedlam: Wanda visits and makes sure for herself Amanda is okay. Jane invites people to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" with her. Monet meets Morgan and gets her help in deciding a hair style. Jane asks Monet to explain fetish clubs after a journal conversation with Morgan.

2009: A drunken Mark posts the Eurovision Song Contest winner - Norway. Halflight: Tabitha goes to meet Telford Porter as arranged by the message, with Dani as backup and discovers he wants her help with a gang abducting "his" street kids; Porter kidnaps Tabitha and Dani gets help in the form of Bishop, who can't find her; Dani raises the alarm to the X-Men. Jake announces Jubilee has gifted him with an ice-cream maker and that a mint chocolate extravaganza is going on. Doreen drags a reluctant Julian to see the Star Trek movie, which he actually enjoys.

2010: A romantic evening in for Jean-Paul and Kevin is interrupted by Jean-Paul's nightmares and a powers flare which destroys Kevin's television and leads them to waffles and a late night swim.

2011: Nico mocks 'panda goths', those who abuse the eyeliner. Kyle posts about someone burning some shrubs and the new Flaming Lips EP marketing ploy. Operation: зимний солдат: Doug updates on the Barnes situation; that he's a lot older than he looks, but DNA analysis of the fingernail scrapings Doug sent to Muir for rush analysis show he's baseline human with no enhancements; Barnes himself turns up to the Snow Valley offices to explain that his adopted daughter, reported KIA in Vietnam, is the Winter Soldier and that he wants X-Force to help him apprehend her. Bored at work, Vanessa teases Bishop about his mysterious personal life and strippers; Vanessa discovers the makings of a rooftop garden in her apartment; Vanessa texts Warren, demanding his presence. Molly encounters Kevin at Boiler Beach and apologises for calling him "Rot".

2012: For Free Trade: Sarah V. suggests going to the protest against Genosha's mutate program; Adrienne talks to Charles about making the protest a class outing; Sooraya asks her fellow-students on x_students if they're going to the protest and Adrienne asks for chaperone help on x_staff; Garrison emails Adrienne to let her know there will be FBI presence there as well; Jean-Paul texts Jean to let her know he will be attending also and inviting her for dinner after. Artie stumbles upon Maddie for the first time since he blew up at her over the kiss.

2013: Maddie sends out an invite to the female population, inviting to afternoon tea on May 25 to celebrate Hope’s 16th birthday.


2015: Laurie e-mails Clint to ask how to make things up with his brother. Jubilee texts Garrison to see what the hell’s going on with him. Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown: Wanda and Artie investigate another theft, or possibly just a mis-cataloguing - university security really sucks; Marie-Ange and Artie talk to the curator of a small museum where another piece has gone missing; Emma and Wade schmooze at an arts behest and investigate another theft; Wade and Wanda are outraged that an Awesome Pointy Thing has also gone missing. Billy texts Clint asking him to never let him play poker with him. Wade texts Felicia and asks her to steal something for him. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry announcing the impending arrival of Eurovision 2015. Topaz leaves a bracelet for Hope as an apology.

2016: Laurie posts to let people know she’s taking part in a marathon and wonders if anyone wants to join her. Maya posts about a bison calf that was rescued only to be euthanized and asks to be left alone in the gym while she works out some stress. Endangered Species: A press release from OsCorp speaks about their plans to hold a charity auction for the National Ataxia Foundation.

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Welcome to X-Project, Mark! Mark will be bringing in Melissa Gold/Songbird soon - watch for her!

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