Romancing the Holy Whatsis

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Romancing the Holy Whatsis
Dates run: May 15-17, 2006
Run By: Jen and Rossi
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"Hello, Wanda. Fancy meeting you here."

On sabbatical in India following her possession by Chthon, Wanda encounters an old friend who's in a lot of trouble with the local evil cult.


Wanda Maximoff, Betsy Braddock, Amanda Sefton

Dr. Stephen Strange


May 15-17, 2006

Plot Summary

On vacation in India, Wanda came across Stephen Strange in the process of being abducted by several men. Intervening, she took him back to her hotel, where he told her that he was in the process of taking a particular mantra, designed to free evil from imprisonment, to Nepal to be destroyed. However word of his possession of the mantra had gotten out and an Indian cult, followers of an ancient evil, had determined they would take the mantra for themselves. Wanda, still recovering from the after-effects of her possession from Chthon and determined to put an end to such evil, immediately offered to help him, despite the confusion generated at the sight of her former boyfriend.

Pursued by the cult, Wanda and Strange escaped with the help of a friend of his who owned a fishing boat. They arrived in Kanpur without incident and boarded a train for the India-Nepal border, but were spotted again by someone they believed was a member of the cult. A fellow passenger offered them a lift away from the station, but it was revealed that Pashmati was indeed a member of the cult - the drinks vendor they had thought was an enemy had in fact been a friend, unable to make direct contact due to Pashmati's presence. Pashmati drugged Wanda and threatened to kill her if Stephen did not surrender the mantra. Wanda, however, was made of sterner stuff. Using her powers, she caused the car to crash and shoved Stephen out the door, telling him to run even as the drugs began to overwhelm her and more cultists arrived on the scene. Reluctantly, Stephen did so, only to be picked up by the Nepalese police and held for illegal entry into the country and the potential murder of his vanished female companion.

Using his astral projection, Stephen contacted the only person left he could think of - his former student, Amanda. A member of Pete's fledgling team, X-Force, Amanda and Betsy went to Nepal, breaking Stephen out of jail and then tracking Wanda's captors down to a cave complex in the mountains.

Wanda had not spent the time being idle. Recovering marginally from the drugs due to her mutant metabolism, she was able to escape from her cell, only to become disoriented and confused in the labyrinth of tunnels. Meanwhile, outside, Stephen provided a distraction whilst Amanda and Betsy entered the cave, trying to find Wanda. After several encounters with cultists, they finally met up and began their escape, pursued by the cult. On reaching the outside, Wanda used her powers to collapse the cave mouth on the cultists, trapping them inside.

The group then went to the monastery in Nepal where Stephen had the mantra removed from his skin. He and Wanda recommenced their relationship, although he continued to be absent more often than not, continuing his work against mystical evil.

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Wanda left the X-Men after this incident and came to work for X-Force.

Small clues as to Strange's past were revealed during the train ride, the first Wanda had received.


Plotrunners: Jen and Rossi

This plot was begun as an AU fic after Rossi left the game briefly in late 2005 and was morphed into a plot after her return mid-2006.