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Organization: STRIKE
First Seen: May 2003

STRIKE is a division of British Intelligence, merging cutting-edge intelligence resources with a military operations framework.


Following the first Gulf War, Britain began to reorganize their military intelligence resources along lines similar to the United States' SHIELD, assuming rightly that mirroring certain aspects of the US systems would improve interagency operations. STRIKE went online in 1993, specifically separate from the SIS. Their proscribed mission was to integrate military and conventional intelligence into an operational framework and response methodology.

In the late 90s, the emergence of mutants on the global scene had STRIKE aggressively recruiting with an eye towards small units built around specific powers. STRIKE's PSI Unit was the first; a six person team, all psionic-based powers, heavily weighted towards telepathy. The unit operated for several years to moderate success.

In 2002, the PSI Unit was part of an ambush, orchestrated by a mercenary known only as Slaymaster. Operating on false intelligence, the Unit was trapped and nearly wiped out. Betsy Braddock, one of the surviving members, was blinded during the conflict. As a result of the damage caused, and the growing pressure from other countries to avoid weaponizing mutants, STRIKE disbanded the PSI Unit and has recontinued their plans for additional mutant teams.

There are three main branches of STRIKE. The intelligence gathering and analysis section, which is by far the largest. They communicate and share information with groups like SHIELD. There is an operations section, which are agents in the field and response teams. Finally, there's the research and development side. Unlike SHIELD, STRIKE's R&D efforts are very small, specialist programs, usually housed with the agency since there is no better fit with other agencies. Also unlike SHIELD, STRIKE's research and development efforts are not always agency directed, leading to much closer oversight by the government.



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