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Moment of Awesome - Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird: Bobbi Morse - party animal?

"I said the music is a little loud in here, isn't it?" Bobbi shouted at Warren as they danced in one of the resort's several night clubs.

She had a drink in one hand (which was not Bobbi-like), she wasn't quite sure what time it was (also not!Bobbi), and she didn't care (not!Bobbi x 100).

The drink in her hand may not have been her first of the evening.

Warren grinned and shrugged, pointing to his ears. Telepathy would be a handy skill right now. A few moments later, he realized what she was saying. Maybe

"Is this too much for you?," he shouted back. The crowd was a bit younger than he'd anticipated, but when Paris Hilton was the guest DJ, it brought out the young people. "We can go?"

"No no no, this is the best part, wait... here, this here!" She pumped her fist into the air in time to the song, David Guetta's Titanium, which was just hitting the post-chorus wub-wub-wub part.

Bobbi may have spilled a little of her drink at the same time.

Warren expertly side stepped the spillage, more amused by anything. "I didn't think you knew how to really enjoy yourself," he commented. In fact, this trip was really making it apparent to him that he actually barely knew Bobbi.

"I have no idea why you agreed to come but I'm glad you did."

"Me either!" she shouted back in reply, a little awkwardly as the building part collapsed back into another verse, but she didn't care. "Hey, you want another drink? It's on me!" Bobbi raised her glass and then laughed, seeing that she kinda spilled some on the new dress Warren had bought her, but most of it was on her leg thankfully. Tomorrow she'd feel like total crap about that but she wasn't feeling anything like that just then.