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Moment of Awesome - Maya Lincoln-Lopez/Echo: Possessed by the Slender Children, Maya goes on the attack to protect her new 'family'.

That left only Maya.

Maya had spent the time watching, gaining knowledge of what to do and when, she avoided Miles's zaps now and Tabitha's bombs - a burst of speed bringing her close to snap several punches into Miles's solar plexus before flipping herself backwards out of his reach.

She would not allow them to leave - she would stay here, stay home.

"Maya, NO!" Tabs skidded to a stop and turned to tackle the other girl. "What are you doing?"

Maya was silent, the whites of her eyes the only thing that differentiated her gaze from that of the previous Slender children. She avoided Tabitha easily, her movements smooth and professional, at odds with her experience till now.

She aimed a sharp, hard kick at Tabitha's ribs as the other girl moved past, sending her sprawling across the ground before turning back to Miles - her original target.

She never reached him. A furry blur exploded out from under a pile of children, sending them flying. Deep down, Rahne had to keep reminding herself that she was still her. There was no wolf mind and, no matter how horrifying she found herself right now, she had to keep telling herself that she was in control. But she turned some of that fear outward as she slammed into Maya and they went down into a heap.

Rahne's head snapped up, avoiding a punch - barely and thanks to her powers - and her eyes narrowed. Maya's scent was wrong, something was happening to her but the only way ...

A punch did land this time and Rahne shook her head to clear it. "Enough," she growled, not aware she'd even spoken or that she even could. And then she returned the punch. With her in this weird half-way stage, she was stronger than she normally was and she felt Maya go limp under her.

How many Hail Marys will cover this? she thought hysterically.