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Moment of Awesome - Lorna Dane/Polaris: Lorna reveals her parentage to fellow X-Factor employee Quentin Quire and explains why she left the Brotherhood.

"I didn't mean . . . I'm sure that you're not a crazy mutant murderer now or anything. You'd've probably already killed me, then," he joked lamely. "Who's your dad?"

"I hold it all in." She joked touching her chest to indicate that she bottles up that part of her. "Well since most of XFI already knows, you might as well. Especially after what happened a few months ago with Alex and in case he shows up again. Just don't spread it around the mansion, especially the teener boppers. I don't want them to be curious about him as he is not a very good role model." She took a sip of her tea. "His name is Erik Lehnsherr."

To his credit, Quentin did not drop his cup and spill piping-hot tea all over himself and/or Lorna. He gently put the cup down on the table and looked at Lorna like he was examining a piece in an art gallery. "So you and Maximoff are sisters? She's a whole lot older than you, and Magneto is already pretty damn old himself. Wow, talk about virility."

"Half-sisters. But yes, she is about 17 years older than I." Lorna winced only slightly when he said Magneto. "Apparently my mom liked older men. I hadn't thought about the age difference, nor do I want to know my parents personal sex life. That would be gross."

Not a problem for Quentin, though. He nodded approvingly, wishing he would be so vigorous if he ever reached old age. "And he gets around, too. Good for him." He took his cup again and leaned back in his seat. "How come you were hiding from him?"

Lorna looked at Quentin with a questioning look, was he complimenting her dad? That was a little weird. "I was telling my sister information regarding Brotherhood activities. They found out someone was spilling the beans and I quickly bounced. Just because we are family doesn't mean I wouldn't feel his wrath. He found out about Alex and used Alex to get to me. His family could have died as they were used and Alex...Alex wasn't any better situation after we found him. For all his preach that mutants are a superior species, he isn't afraid to use them, or even kill them, to obtain what he wants. Most are expendable to him, if not all."

"Just wondering, how do you fit such big brass balls in your pants?" Quentin asked, not even bothering to hide his awe at someone who defied not only one of the most powerful and influential mutants on the planet, but betrayed him and lived to tell about it.

Lorna laughed, "I control metal so it is pretty easy and I guess being raised by my dad, you just do. But seriously, you have to have seen some fucked up shit to even considering it. The people in that group..." She paused and shook her head. "They have no morals, no conscience. Nothing to tell them what is right or wrong. I mean I know a few that probably do and they are good people, just easily manipulated. I think most are there just to hurt people."

"You think they're all a bunch of psycho sadists or something? You don't think they're just fighting for their existence?"

"Not all. But the majority. I was a member when I was sixteen to just up to last year, and last I checked I wasn't a sadist." She paused as she could have been just as bad as her father. But she took a different route. "They aren't fighting for existence. They are fighting to become superior beings over others. My dad is really good at twisting the truth and getting those who want to believe into something to believe in him. He has been doing it for many years."

"Maybe superiority is the only way we even can exist," Quentin offered with a shrug. "When your options are fight or be killed, you have a fucking obligation to fight. Just because you and your sister don't see that they're the ones without morals or conscience."

Lorna lifted her eyebrow at him. "I see both sides. I have too much blood on my hands to not see it. I rather put my skills to help people, to save lives." She quickly took a sip of her water. "I betrayed my own father because I saw how far he was willing to go. And what I saw scared me to death."