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Moment of Awesome - Arthur Centino/Longshot On a rescue mission to the Dark Dimension, Arthur is a tad overwhelmed by the violence of his companions.

A dramatic contrast to this display of violence was the blonde of the group -- not for lack of trying, mind, but everything that could go wrong for Arthur was, in fact, starting to slowly spiral out of control. His plan was to stay near the supplies -- hastily abandoned as the attack commenced -- and defend them, but loose telekinetic blasts and tossed away enemies that would usually mean little was starting to pile up in the middle.

Knife held defensively, Arthur lunged to try and hold his ground while looking for a place to cover for his... well, horribly violent friends.

Any thoughts or quips about this were lost, however, as more Mindless Ones appeared.

As the next wave hit, Jean used the stone from before, still dripping with liquid shadow, and slammed two of the creatures into a nearby wall before they got too close. But then three more did, using her distraction to ambush her from above and knock her off her feet. The creatures overwhelmed her, a tangled mass of shadow and red hair.

Suddenly Jean let out a cry of frustration as a flare of fire ripped through the three Mindless ones, propelling them backwards and disintegrating any that came too close. The fire blinked out as quickly as it came, however, and Jean pulled herself to her feet, smoke curling around her, trying to catch her breath. Her eyes narrowed as she surveyed the area, looking like she almost wanted more to come.

Whatever had happened to Jean hit Julian like an eighteen-wheeler, knocking him to the ground as a force shock-wave rolled across the area like an nuclear bomb had just exploded. There was a slight ringing in his ears as he propped himself up, looking toward Jean who was now free of the creatures. "Okay, file that one for further investigation," he muttered, as several more of the beasts converged on him. "This isn't working!" he shouted, slamming two of them away haphazardly. "We should fall back!"

With twirl Sharon dumped another creature on it's ass, following up with a hit to his head for good measure. "Seconding that." She called out agreeing with the assessment. The hairs on the back of her neck tingled and whacking over her shoulder, she was rewarded with a grunt as another figure sunk to it's knees. "Seems like there is some kind of building over there... might be a place to hide!" She called out as her eye caught a faint grey outline.

"Yes! How about an alternative to ultra-violence!" Arthur had abandoned his quest to protect the gear, and now was just trying to dodge effectively. This was hard, however, as each leap and flip seemed to land him in a disadvantageous position. He was going to be bruised to hell and back after this. "I vote for hiding!"

There was a sharp wind, then, that cleared some of the ominous fog that has been obscuring Sharon's "building" to reveal the structure was actually much, much larger and majestic that she had given it credit for.

Arthur pointed towards the wonder of dark dimensionesque architecture, helpfully, as a stumble and a trip landed him closer to Sharon's kung-fu exhibition. He was breathless, and his tone indicated that he was on the end of his rope with these shenanigans. "More search and rescue, less terrifying demonstration of mental powers!"