The Tinkerer

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Phineas Mason
Portrayed by Robert Englund
Known Aliases: The Tinkerer
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By:
Introduction: Patent Pending

You're one of my favorite customers. Always reliable, always paid full in cash.

Black market engineer who provided advanced weapons to those who can pay.


Name: Phineas Mason

Aliases: The Tinkerer

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: Patent Pending

Family: Unknown


A nondescript man in his 60s, Phineas Mason, aka the Tinkerer, is an engineering genius who supplies advanced weaponry to criminals who can afford it. He often provides equipment in exchange for the completion of jobs, such as Prowler stealing tech from Worthington Industries. He operates out of the basement of an electronics shop in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, which he also owns and manages during the day as a cover.


Baseline human - genius engineer capable of creating advanced weaponry out of stolen tech.


Patent Pending


PB: Robert Englund] Socked by: