This Devil's Workday

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Content Warning: This page contains depictions of torture.

This Devil's Workday
Devils workday.jpg
Dates run: December 16 - December 22 2009
Run By: Jo
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"She said they could help, but it's scary there," he sank down to a crouch. "The voices there are scared, so I don't want to go."

The death of a friend from the street prompts Cammie to conduct her own investigation in Chicago, leading her to fall into the hands of a group called the Purifiers.


Adrienne Frost, Bobby Drake, Carmilla Black, Crystal Amaquelin, Henry McCoy, Kurt Sefton, Tabitha Smith

The Purifiers


December 16 - December 22 2009

Plot Summary

After receiving word from the police in Chicago that a friend from her street days has turned up dead, Cammie left work unexpectedly, with Adrienne tracking her down to find her trying to get to Chicago. Adrienne insisted on going with Cammie to identify the body and made arrangements to fly, while insisting that Cammie tell Kurt what has happened.

In Chicago, Cammie identified her friend and discovered the police weren't going to do very much investigation into Amy's death, given she was known as a street kid and drug runner. Finding a letter hidden inside the body (part of Amy's mutation) Cammie asked Adrienne to Read it, revealing that Amy had been somewhere called Brewster House before being beaten to death. Adrienne tried to get Cammie to go back to New York and Cammie managed to talk/trick her into going back to the police with the further information from Adrienee's Reading, while Cammie was supposed to go back to New York. Instead, Cammie visited an old connection but got no information on her deceased friend. Another lead from a homeless kid sent Cammie to Brewster House, which appeared to be some kind of religious half-way house for young homeless people, and she wound up being tasered and captured, undergoing 'purification' in the Brewster House by the Purifiers.

In the meantime, a social conversation with Garrison revealed to Adrienne that Cammie never returned to New York as she had believed. Leaving a message for Bishop asking him to use his Snow Valley connections to help search for Cammie, Adrienne visited a biker bar in the hope soem of Cammie's old biker friends might know of her whereabouts, winding up with a broken nose for mouthing off to a biker.

Using intel from Mark's underground network provided by Bishop, the X-Men rescued Cammie from Brewster House, finding her with a broken leg.

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Adrienne was most unimpressed by her broken nose and blamed Cammie for it for some time.


Plotrunner: Jo