A Bar In Amsterdam

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A Bar In Amsterdam
Dates run: April 24-30, 2011
Run By: Nat
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"That sounds like her." Troy laughed. "I don't think you're the first person she's disappeared on like that. I'm not sure you'll have much luck in finding her again. She's in a different country just about every time I've seen her."

A one night stand during a European vacation results in a whole lot of trouble for Warren.


Warren Worthington, Tabitha Smith, Kurt Sefton, Monet St. Croix

"Troy", "Sandy"


April 24-30, 2011

Plot Summary

Warren proposes a trip overseas with Tabitha after learning that she's never traveled other than for X-Men or Red X business. He recruits Monet to help him take Tabitha shopping, who in turn brings Kurt along with her.

At a party thrown by a friend of Warren's in Rome, Tabitha meets a cute bartender called Troy and Warren might have had incriminating photos taken of his wings by a (now missing) woman he slept with. A discussion over breakfast leads them to discover Troy might know something about this and Warren recruits Kurt and Monet to help him find the woman who may or may not have photos of him.

The hunt for Warren's photos leads to a circus where Kurt performs to gain the circus folk's trust, only to discover that the woman they're looking for might now be in Amsterdam.

After two days of searching in Amsterdam, Warren and company decide to take a break and have the night off; their new friend Troy lets some important information slip in his stoned haze.

Having tracked Sandy down to a nightclub in Monte Carlo, Warren and Monet manage to sneak in, but have to pose as dancers to avoid security. Kurt and Tabitha catch up with Troy, who reluctantly helps them by pointing out Sandy, and attempting to warn them about her powers. Tabitha remains with him while Kurt goes to help Warren and Monet, who have found Sandy, and the two of them talk about Troy's initial intentions towards her. Warren and Monet manage to catch up with Sandy and get the photos back.

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A Bar In Amsterdam

Warren's text to Vanessa regarding the situation

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Following this plot, Warren would come to out himself, so situations like this couldn't be repeated in the future (amongst many other reasons).


Plotrunner: Nat

The plot title came from the song A Bar In Amsterdam by Katzenjammer, while the dance scene was inspired by an episode of Smallville in which Justin Hartley's character Oliver Queen had to dress in drag and perform.