A Kind of Magic

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A Kind of Magic
Dates run: August 17-24, 2012
Run By: Matt (player)
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[The gods] have a stupid sense of humor. I wanted a cool weapon like a hammer or a sword, and instead, they send me this stick.

There are fewer protectors than there should be.

A stranger’s unexpected kindness turns Billy Kaplan’s life forever upside down.


Billy Kaplan, Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton

Rebecca Kaplan, Dr. Stephen Strange


August 17-24, 2012

Plot Summary

A chance encounter between Billy and Wanda Maximoff sparks his latent mutant abilities. When Wanda uses her power in his presence, his own abilities recognize chaos as a source of power and begin to awaken. Over the coming months, minor things begin happening in his favor, growing more significant until he begins to suspect he may actually be causing this stroke of good fortune.

Though he can’t quite believe it to be true, he begins to test this theory through a series of juvenile pranks seen throughout the city. As he begins to gain rudimentary control, he begins to broaden the experiments, unwittingly pulling a staff through a temporary portal to Asgard. This act of magic triggers a ward Amanda Sefton had set in place to warn nefarious magic users the city was under her watch.

Billy sees this warning as a threat to his newfound powers and begins trying to destroy it. Using Thor as inspiration, attempts to create lightning, which quickly gets beyond his control, developing into a series of escalating thunderstorms, culminating in the storm of the century. Wanda and Amanda show up in time to prevent serious damage to New York, and convince him to enroll at Xavier’s to begin learning control of his magic.

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Trivia and Meta


NDorkTimes.jpg - this headline appeared during Billy's spate of practical jokes.

This is how Billy ended up with his trademark staff and the ability to summon lightning.


Plotrunner: Matt (player)

Billy and A Kind of Magic were a over a year and a half in development. Cai originally started Matt thinking about the character back in February of 2011. He took a several month hiatus due to RL, but he continued to mull over the character and backstory until he finally returned to XP in Summer 2012.

The idea behind A Kind of Magic sparked from the Song Titles Plot List, when Matt thought challenging Amanda would be a fun way to get Billy into the game. The end result is a mashup of that idea and Marvel!Billy’s backstory, which would have been way too strange for XP. So thanks to whoever originally had the idea for High Wizard of Manhattan!

This was also the year where real-life NYC was hit by thunderstorm and thunderstorm and the City was introduced to the term "derecho," providing ample inspiration.