Achmed el-Gibar

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Achmed el-Gibar
Portrayed by Stock photo
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Egyptian underworld
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: The Mask of Ozymandias

"No, what I had in mind was a far fairer exchange – your talents for my knowledge."

Achmed el-Gibar is the head of the Egyptian underworld; once the mentor to the young orphan Ororo Munroe, he is a source of information, provided the right price is paid.


Name: Achmed el-Gibar

Aliases: none

Affiliation: Egyptian Underworld

First appearance: June 5, 2006

Family: Hammed el-Gibar (son)


The unofficial leader of a thieves network radiating out of Cairo. He's in his seventies now, but commands a wide network of criminals who work primarily in Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. He was Ororo's mentor back when she was an orphan in Cairo. El-Gibar actually has a kind of twisted code; he doesn't deal with the weapons or drug traffic at all, and has even made sure that some attempted explosive sales have been found out by the authorities. However, he is a criminal, focusing on fraud, extortion, smuggling and theft. Inside of Cairo underworld, there's very little that happens that he's not aware of. He has, in the past, had dealings with Amahl Farouk in the course of the latter's own network and with the assassin Gambit.


None - baseline human


The Mask of Ozymandias

Wendy (referenced)


Socked by: Dex

PB: None