Alasdair McLeish

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Alasdair McLeish - MIA
Portrayed by Bill Paterson
Known Aliases: The White Ghost
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Alasdair
Introduction: Operation: Anansesem

"Bishop, this is McLeish, scourge of every tiny warlord or pushy aid politico in Africa. McLeish, this is Bishop. He's the money."

One of Gambit's old contacts, McLeish was a relic of colonial Africa, known as the "White Ghost" by the locals.


Name: Alasdair McLeish

Aliases: The White Ghost

Affiliation: None

First appearance: December 30, 2008

Family: Unknown


McLeish, 'the White Ghost' is a relic of the bad old days of Africa, where Europeans still mostly held the whip hand, and toppled governments at will, as opposed to the bad new days, which involve mostly voter fraud and fucking up other tribes with hatchets. In any case, what makes McLeish special is that he was interested early in African shamanism and superstitious beliefs, to the point that he happily incorporated all the symbols and fetishes of black magic into his kills, making his targets believe that he had some kind of magical power. Of course, McLeish believed none of it, but found it interesting, and since his semi-retirement from the world of contract killing, has essentially lived like a pre-colonial breakup settler, on a large savannah plantation, where he supplements his savings by dealing in information and underaged girls for the sex trade.

McLeish's operation was broken by members of X-Force seeking information on an unrelated matter; McLeish himself had his back broken by Bishop and was left to die in a burning building. However, the 'White Ghost' reputation is more than just a spooky name.


Information broker and provider of dubious items to those who want them.


Operation: Anansesem


Socked by: Alasdair

PB: Bill Paterson