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Unknown - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: Alpha
Affiliations: Taygetos
Socked By: Suzene
Introduction: Walking Ghosts

The Trojan Horse is a threat to my entire operation, Dayspring. The sacrifice of a few incomplete projects is well worth the benefit.

The head of the Taygetos program, the man known only as Alpha was a ruthless enigma who came to a fitting end.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Alpha

Affiliation: Formerly the head of the Taygetos program. Currently deceased.

First appearance: Walking Ghosts

Family: Unknown


The head of the Taygetos program introduced himself to Nathan as Alpha when the X-Man was captured during a reconaissance mission for SHIELD. After establishing the reason for his presence by calmly executing the surviving SHIELD agents until someone gave up the information, Alpha then put Nathan in front of a firing squad along with the young operatives being trained in the facility, then blew up the building around them.

He assumed Nathan was dead for a short time, then discovered otherwise, leading Tara Trask to attempt to kidnap Nathan to forestall an attempt on his life. Ironically, after she was defeated in Budapest by the X-Men, she turned to Taygetos, offering Alpha her help in catching Nathan away from the other X-Men so that he could finish the job. Alpha, who'd been finding Nathan a somewhat frustrating target, accepted her offer.

His next attempt to strike at Nathan led to the capture of Jean-Paul Beaubier instead. Alpha ordered Shrine, one of the program telepaths, to rewrite Jean-Paul's mind in order to use him as a weapon when the inevitable rescue attempt came. Though the plan was unsuccessful (due to Jean-Paul breaking free before the X-Men arrived) it was a further indication of the depths of Alpha's ruthlessness.

He would overreach himself, however; he used information he believed he had extorted from Mariana Machado to justify capturing Nathan instead of killing him, believing that the Trojan Horse could be reverse-engineered to make the Taygetos conditioning bulletproof. Although the information was true, it was also part of a complex strategy by the X-Men, allowing them to gain the intelligence they needed to launch a strike at the last remaining Taygeto safehouse. His new ally betrayed him, driving his operatives into a homicidal state and directing some of them to target him personally. He died at the hand of his own 'children', with Shiro Yoshida looking on.


Alpha demonstrated no mutant abilities, but was been shown to be at ease with firearms and to possess a basic understanding of interrogation tactics, suggesting some sort of military background.


Walking Ghosts

X-Men Mission: Fifth Column (aftermath)


Fiddler's Green


Socked by: Suzene