Alvorecer Novo

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Alvorecer Novo
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A growing sustainable living movement from Brazil, Alvorecer Novo also pushes for genetic integration - an ideal that makes them a target, in the current political environment.



Alvorecer Novo, or 'New Dawn', is a network of intentional communities in the Amazonas state of Brazil. Most of these communities are rural and agriculturally-focused (ecovillages), although there are urban communities in some of the Amazonas cities as well. Egalitarian in nature, one of Alvorecer Novo's guiding principles is the integration of mutants and their abilities into the social, economic, and cultural life of the community.

They came to the attention of Nathan Dayspring as part of his work with Elpis. Some time later, they held an exhibition in New York's Central Park, which was interrupted violently by an assassination attempt against their founder, Machado. Though the events have forced a pause to their international efforts, the intention is that it will only be temporary.




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