Anna Kreskas

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Anna Kreskas
Portrayed by Katie McGrath
Known Aliases: Candy
Affiliations: District X
Socked By: Nichole
Introduction: November 9, 2011

Anna, better known professionally as Candy, is a stripper at Private Eyes where she obtained the phone number of Lucas Bishop and eventually began a relationship with him.


Name: Anna Kreskas

Aliases: Candy

Occupation: Stripper, aspiring linguistic researcher

First appearance: November 9, 2011

Family: Larissa & Sebastian Kreskas


Anna Kreskas grew up in Chicago, the first generation of her family to be born in the US. Her parents immigrated from Greece looking for work and opportunities. Her mother a seamstress and her father an aspiring writer, life wasn't particularly easy for them but they got by. When she was eighteen Anna decided she wanted to try to get out of Chicago and see another part of the country, not having had much opportunity to travel or vacation until then. She had the grades and SAT scores to get into a good school, but money was something of an issue. Thankfully, she managed enough in student loans, grants and scholarships to pay her way through and undergraduate degree at Columbia University studying linguistics. By then she was in love with New York City. Ana applied to various graduate programs but the one she really wanted was at New York University.

As if searching for a job in a declining economy wasn't bad enough, only months after Anna had earned her PhD in linguistics a man calling himself Apocalypse took over Manhattan island. Anna was lucky enough to be in Brooklyn at the time and thus remained unharmed, but her apartment and all of her possessions were destroyed in the ensuing struggle for the island. Afterward she found the only work she could, stripping at Private Eyes. She's been there ever since, though she continually looks for and pursues work in her field.

In April 2011 Anna unknowingly met Vanessa Carlysle while the PI was on a security job for the strip club. It was through the disguised PI that she came into contact with Lucas Bishop, who she began dating within weeks following.

Anna is a polyglot and fluently speaks: Greek, English, French, German, Latin & Italian. She's teaching herself Arabic currently and practices it with the owner of the corner store by her apartment.


Anna's mutation is purely physical. Her skin is a cotton candy pink color and emits a very low level ambient light which is so weak as to only be visible in near or complete darkness.




PB: Katie McGrath

Socked by: Nichole