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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Barbara Morse (disambiguation).

Barbara Morse
Portrayed by Jessy Schram
Known Aliases: Bobbi, Mockingbird
Affiliations: SHIELD
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: June 7, 2006

An agent of SHIELD, Morse has encountered the X-Men on multiple times in her career, their paths having crossed in several X-Men missions.


Name: Barbara Morse

Aliases: Bobbi, Mockingbird

Affiliation: SHIELD

First appearance: June 7, 2006

Family: Robert Morse (father), Rebecca Morse (mother)


Born on New Year’s Day 1980 to Robert and Rebecca Morse, Barbara “Bobbi” Morse was always an athletic person. Throughout the years in elementary school and high school, her ability to excel in her athletic endeavours was only outpaced by her academic achievements. Bobbi ran track and field in high school, attending many statewide competitions on behalf of her school, and also took part in whatever sports her free time allowed outside of her studying.

She was accepted to Yale University via scholarship and graduated from there in 2006 with a PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences, specifically focusing on genetics, with an interest in forensic analysis in her graduate studies. Her academics had become more of a focus during her time at Yale but she still managed to participate with the school’s track and field team during her tenure there.

Upon graduation she expressed an interest in a career in forensics, and in doing so she was quickly noticed by SHIELD and recruited to their program. Continuing her relentless strive for excellence, Bobbi graduated at the top of her class to become an Agent of SHIELD.

With her impressive resume she could’ve easily taken a cushy desk job but she loved being in the field too much to do that. Having to go through the mandatory physical training required of all SHIELD agents rekindled her love affair with her athletic side, which had become somewhat marginalized while pursuing her PhD. Given the choice between focusing solely on research and administration or being an active field agent so quickly chose the latter and hasn’t had any regrets whatsoever. Her main weapons in combat are a pair of batons which can be put together to form a bo staff, with which she’s well trained and deadly efficient, although she’s proficient with a number of firearms and other weapons as well.

Given her intelligence and love of being in the field, she quickly drew a liking to undercover work and special operations, which are her specialties. Taking the codename Mockingbird - a nod to both her PhD in biology and her role in undercover intelligence - she’s infiltrated several criminal organizations and helped gather invaluable intelligence for SHIELD.

She’s a determined, tough, by-the-book type who doesn't back down easily. She's run into the X-Men before, who discovered she'd done her homework. Morse doesn't take any crap from anybody, and heaven forbid that you come between her and her investigation. She won't hesitate to put you in your place, whether that means a tongue lashing, a beat down, or an arrest - or any combination thereof.

Most recently, Morse was on undercover duty in Cumberland County, infiltrating the Friends of Humanity that came up on SHIELD's radar, repeating back exactly what she'd heard from the cult to her superior officers.


Barbara Morse has no mutant powers, but like many other SHIELD agents she is assumed to be highly trained in military tactics, armed and unarmed combat, and various forms of espionage and intelligence gathering. She also has access to the resources of SHIELD, a highly-placed government organization.



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Socked by: Twiller

PB: Jessy Schram