Barry Thistledown

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Barry Thistledown - deceased
Portrayed by none
Known Aliases: none
Affiliations: none
Socked By: Nathan
Introduction: X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse

When I speak, you answer, when a client tells you to do something you pay attention. You are in high demand, with your extra flexibility, and I am not going to have you misbehaving with clients.

Barry was a human trafficker specializing in mutants and temporary brothel runner until X-Factor put him out of business with the help of a couple of the X-Force ladies.


Name: Barry Thistledown

Aliases: none

Affiliation: Madripoor

First appearance: April 13,2011

Family: Unknown


Barry was born in Miami, and his father was in the human trafficking business. His mother was killed by a rival when Barry was young so he went everywhere his father went. He made Madripoor his home and base of operations, taking on contracts with various individuals and groups as he saw fit. Within the business he had a fairly decent reputation for making good on his word and a few years ago he began to specialize in the mutant trade. Since then Barry had been the go-to guy for many when trafficking business required such product. When he got wind of District X in New York City Barry set his sights on the neighborhood, instantly realizing how much easier business could be for him with such a concentration of mutants in one place. Once there, he spotted Madame Libertine’s business in the fall of 2010 and pushed her out to insert himself into the brothel near the end of that year.

Everything was going pretty smoothly for Barry until a 911 call brought Crystal Amaquelin to one of his abused prostitutes and set X-Factor's focus on him. After X-Factor looked into him and gathered enough proof of what he was doing and who might come looking for him they had him forcibly removed from the brothel with the help of Jubilee and Sarah. He and his goons were never seen again, nor were their bodies found.


None. Barry was a standard issue human sleezeball.


X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse


Socked by: Nathan