Bethany Moore

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Bethany Moore
Portrayed by Josie Maran
Known Aliases: Beth
Affiliations: HeliX
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: February 21, 2004

Free-spirited and intelligent, Bethany was one of HeliX's human members, and a close friend to several students. She is now leader of the Georgia State University chapter of HeliX.


Name: Bethany Moore

Aliases: Beth

Occupation: College student at Georgia State University, Atlanta, majoring in journalism and photography

First appearance: February 21, 2004

Family: Parents (names unknown), father a police officer, formally with the NYPD, now with the Atlanta PD.


Bethany, skater girl and burgeoning political activist, was a driving force behind the human element of HeliX, although initially she was badgered into going by one of Kitty Pryde's ballet friends. It was at the first 'meet-and-greet' session that she met Shinobi Shaw and subsequently he introduced her to Angelo Espinosa and Amanda Sefton. The two girls hit it off immediately, and became 'friends with benefits' despite the complication of Amanda's relationship and empathic link with Manuel de la Rocha.

Bethany remained active in HeliX until the events of Halloween 2004. Her parents, concerned for her safety given the number of 'accidents' Amanda was involved in with that year, decided to take on an offered transfer to Atlanta, Georgia. Amanda was devastated by the loss of Bethany, realizing she had failed to consider the other girl enough in the scheme of things.

Bethany is studying journalism and photography at Georgia State University and remains active in mutant/human rights groups. She recently attended the Columbia Memorial to promote HeliX in its new incarnation as a mutant-human coexistence coalition.




Skippy (plot)


Newspaper article regarding the Columbia Memorial.

One Year On


PB: Josie Maran

Socked by: Rossi

Previously socked by Hilory.