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Tim and Julia Black
Portrayed by Joachin Raff and Emma Thompson
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Sockers required
Introduction: Rappaccini's Daughter

The Blacks are the adoptive parents of Carmilla Black. They had no idea of their daughter's true origins until they were revealed by Monica Rappaccini and continue to love and support their daughter regardless, something Cammie is still dealing with herself.


First appearance: May 20, 2009

Tim Black
Tim black.jpg
Tim is a doctor and the local coroner.

PB: Joachim Raaf

Julia Black
Julia black.jpg
Also a doctor, Julia returned to work once Cammie started school and continues to practice.

PB: Emma Thompson

Monica Rappaccini
Cammie's birth mother. See her seperate entry.

PB: Catharine Zeta-Jones


Cammie's adopted parents. Julia is an old college friend of Monica's; when Monica was looking for a home for Cammie, she discovered her old friend was looking to adopt. They took in Cammie knowing that she was going to be a mutant, though the specifics were never released to them. Tim and Julia also didn't know the type of experiments Monica had been running and agreed to send updates. They were eager to jump on board because a childhood illness had left Julia unable to have children and though they had tried fertility treatments, nothing had worked.

Tim and Julia took Cammie in, eager and joyful to have a little girl of their own. The updates they were sending Monica were the type anyone would send a parent. Cammie's first steps, first words, grades in school, hanging the local bully's underpants from the flagpole at school... The kind of things that were simple. Due to Monica's request, they did not fill Cammie in on her birth mother and the planned meeting was planned for shortly after she turned 16. That meeting never happened, as Cammie ran away before her 16th birthday.

The Blacks are genuinely good people who had no idea what Monica was really up to and just wanted their daughter back. They are appalled by knowing the full truth behind Monica's actions and try to maintain a relationship with their daughter, much to Cammie's angry bemusement.


Rappaccini's Daughter


Socked by:

Formerly socked by Alicia (Tim) and Cate (Julia)