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Introduction: Mechanisms of Revenge

Blaquesmith is a powerful mutant and victim of Apocalypse, who consumed with the need for revenge, used Wisdom and several of the X-Men to achieve it.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Blaquesmith

Occupation: Inventor

First appearance: Mechanisms of Revenge

Family: Unknown


Little is known about the mutant who calls himself Blaquesmith, before his transformation. He had been in Africa during numerous civil wars, his mutant power disguised as simple mechanical genius through the early parts of his life. Eventually, Blaquesmith had built himself a comfortable fortune as an auteur watch designer in Cairo, and lived a comfortable life. That was until a young man approached him one day to explain that they were both mutants. The charismatic man spouted all manner of mutant philosophy until Blaquesmith agreed to help him with his powers and his money.

Apocalypse convinced Blaquesmith to allow him to increase the man's powers, in order to help the cause more. Blaquesmith agreed, but the process went in a fashion he did not expect. Blaquesmith now possessed a limited healing factor, and his powers made a massive jump forward. However, it badly twisted his body and face, leaving him a gnomish looking almost alien figure, cut off from the rest of the world. Blaquesmith secretly swore revenge on Apocalypse, working with him long enough to craft his escape and disappear.

He followed Apocalypse for a while, hoping to find an answer for his revenge against him, but never saw an opportunity. When he was defeated in New York, he hoped that the X-Men would kill the man, but they didn't. However, he identified Wisdom as being one who would have no issues planning Apocalypse's death, and his floating cameras followed him back to the mansion and on his missions. When the dark Riders ambushed Wisdom and his friends, Blaquesmith used his technology to prevent their deaths, but he also altered their bodies, making them more effective tools to defeat Apocalypse.

Blaquesmith has disappeared following what he believes to be the death of Apocalypse, and his whereabouts or new goals are unknown.


Blaquesmith is an extremely powerful psionicist, whose abilities manifest in technological form. It is unknown whether his powers are separate abilities that have focused into one area, or a single ability that combines aspects of many powers, but regardless, Blaquesmith literally has the ability to build impossible technology. If Blaquesmith can conceive of a device, he can create it, even if it conflicts with the existing laws of science.

Unlike traditional technopaths, Blaquesmith cannot 'read' the workings of existing machines, nor can he repair them. His powers are completely tied into the creation and maintainance of his own advanced technology. The devices he creates cannot be reverse engineered, since much of the construction is far too advanced for existing science to explain or replicate.


Mechanisms of Revenge



Socked by: Dex