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Event: CNN Special
First Seen: December 2003

In December 2003, Charles Xavier invited Trish Tilby, a journalist from CNN, to the school for a combination informative reporting/public relations special on Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, especially in light of the events of X2, when the school was featured on the news in a bad light.

The CNN special was, originally, the Professor's idea. It was about showcasing students who happened to be mutants, and were perfectly normal kids nonetheless and did normal kid things, even if they happened to be blue, have fur or be made of anything but human flesh. It was done in conjunction with the government. It was considered rather successful for that matter, as well.

It was very educational, pointing out the fallacies in a few of the more common mutant-related misconceptions, like, mutants are not the next step in human evolution, they are not a distinct species of their very own, they are not inherently superior to "baseline" humanity, etc.

As a result of the special, the school became more publicly-known, and resulted in an increase in student applications.


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