Cameron Hodge

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Cameron Hodge
Portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Cain Marko
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: January 30, 2004

Formerly Cain Marko| Cain's investor, Hodge embezzled most of the fortune and disappeared, using the money under the influence of Cyttorak to chaotic ends. He is currently incarcerated in a mental institution.


Name: Cameron Hodge

Aliases: None

Affiliation: former employee of Willington-Shatterly Financial. Member of Sigma Tau Phi fraternity.

First appearance: January 30, 2004 (mentioned)

Family: none known


Like Cain Marko, Cameron Hodge is a graduate of Empire State University and a member of the Sigma Tau Phi fraternity, class of 2001. Shortly after graduation, Hodge began a position with Willington-Shatterly Financial, managing personal portfolios for many of Manhattan's elite.

Over time, Hodge developed a talent for knowing how to best invest "old money", often using subtle insider information while keeping himself personally distanced from his dealings. When Cain Marko's trust fund was revealed, Willington-Shatterly assigned Cameron to the account. He ingratiated himself to Cain, and gained the older man's trust, eventually assuming power of attorney after Cain's incapacitation in December of 2004.

While Cain was recovering, the released entity known as Cyttorak appeared to Hodge, encouraging him to use Cain's money for chaotic ends; financing civil wars in Africa, investing in corporations that would skew the stock market, using parts of the fortune to destabilize growing economies. The encounter with Cyttorak unhinged Cameron's mind, however, and over the ensuing year he began to descend into madness. By the time he was found by Cain Marko and Scott Summers, Cameron had expended the majority of Cain's fortune and become completely insane.

Cameron Hodge was turned over to a mental institution in early 2006. His current status is not known.


None, other than a brilliant mind for finance.


Shattered (aftermath)

The Enemy Within


Socked by: Frito

Formerly socked by Nute

PB: Sean Patrick Flanery

Flanery was chosen as the face for Hodge due to his role in The Dead Zone playing a similar character.