Containment suit

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Item: Containment Suit
First Seen: February 4, 2004

The term containment suit is used to describe a number of devices which for safety reasons inhibit or block the operation of a mutant power. In most cases, these are used for energy-based powers that the wielder cannot control.

The first model of containment suit was designed by Moira MacTaggart, in order to help contain her son Kevin's mutation. Unfortunately, the prototype was not finished in time to save Kevin's life.

A similar technology was used for Jonothon Starsmore, to create a prosthetic jaw and bandages that would contain the immense energy he built up in his own body. Years later, a variant on Moira's design was adapted by Forge to help Alex Summers regulate his plasma-projecting abilities. Other variants have been used for similar means, such as the containment helmet for Xorn.

While the end result of containment suits is similar to power inhibitors or The Box, a containment suit does not actively restrict a mutant's power, but simply provides a means to contain it.