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Dark Phoenix - deceased
Portrayed by Bridget Regan
Known Aliases: Jean Grey
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Mackinzie, Tapestry
Introduction: Dark Phoenix Saga

"If you love this world so much, burn with it."

An alternate version of Jean, consumed by the Phoenix Force and ravaging dimensions for more and more power. She was defeated by this world's Jean Grey, who died as well.


Name: Jean Grey


Affiliation: Formerly X-Men

First appearance: Fires From The Ashes



The Spiral acts erratically on telepaths and other psychics as the densely packed dimensions occasional bleed between each other when close. At those times, at points powerful psionicists can faintly catch an echo of themselves in other dimension. It is usually as insubstantial, fleeting and brief as a dream but occasionally, a link will form. Usually it ends in madness. However, with the most powerful psychics, a strange phenomenon will appear as the psionic abilities and powers will synchronize. The amplified powers will automatically seek further identical links, chaining between dimensions and increasing for every version that it incorporates. The effect of this is either a mass die out as the power levels reach a critical point and the minds burn out or when one of the versions is able to become the dominant version. The dominant can actually increase their powers by eliminating versions of themselves, splitting a widening pool of power amoungst fewer and fewer versions. This was described as 'The Phoenix Force' as the common manifestation via the universal unconsciousness is as a flaming bird of prey. The Phoenix Force has manifested only a handful of times; enough for some cultures to leave warnings or theories about how to control or stop it.

The Dark Phoenix was Jean Grey, from a dimension where her relationship with Xavier was tainted by his attraction, driving her into the hands of Magneto. There she used her powers ruthlessly, slowly becoming aware that they were growing. She supplanted Magneto as the leader of the Brotherhood, but later abandoned them when a powers accident allowed her to step between dimensional barriers. She met her first alternate version of herself, and the two studied together for a year before Jean killed her and subsumed her powers. The chain reaction that began led to her skipping through dimensions, eliminating Jean Greys and growing more and more powerful. She realized that the more she killed, the more powerful the remaining Jeans grew and as those battles turned more fierce and bloody, her mind began to fracture, seeing herself as a proto-god; a force of the universe and not beholden to any mortal judgment.

Jean Grey's accidental manifestation of the Phoenix Force drew her to her universe, knowing that another manifested Jean could be a threat. This proven prophetic as her attack on the mansion nearly succeeded, only to fail when Jean was willing to sacrifice herself, a concept that the Dark Phoenix was too far gone in her own mind to even consider. The energy released in her death was used to stabilize and repair the dimension, ending the dimensional connection. It is unknown how many versions of Jean Grey remain on other worlds, but they must be significantly fewer than most people.


The Dark Phoenix commands Omega range telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Her telekinetic abilities are so focus that she can affect matter on the molecular level, generating fire, phasing and even cause a nuclear reaction by tearing apart atoms with her mind. Her telepathic abilities are equally strong, leaving her able to wipe a mind, take control of multiple people or even force suicide. However, the Dark Phoenix is not well trained in her powers, and she uses them to force what she wants through raw power, meaning that better trained and skilled psychics are able to turn or redirect away much of her energy in an attack, keeping her from simply destroying them outright.


Phase 1

Dark Phoenix Saga


PB: Bridget Regan

Socked by: Mackinzie, Tapestry