Face The Blood

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Face the Blood
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Dates run: 9-17 June 2009
Run By: Rossi
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"Think what you want. We come from earth and there we return. Soon I shall be dust. And my daughter will follow. Free of this vale of tears. As I told your friends - you came for nothing."

When Yvette suffers serious injury in an accident in Bosnia-Herzogovina, her friends have to turn to the last person on earth imaginable for help.


Crystal Amaquelin, Fred Dukes, Inez Temple, Laurie Collins, Yvette Petrovic, Angelica Jones, Doreen Green, Forge, Clarice Ferguson, Jean Grey, Leonard Samson, Kyle Gibney, Kevin Ford, Emma Frost, Logan, Catseye

Dr. Pierre Marcel, Ivan Marinkov


9-17 June 2009

Plot Summary

As part of a fund-raising mission for Medicans Sans Frotiers, a group of Red X volunteers went to Bosnia-Herzogovina to assist with the clearing of landmines in a rural village and the treatment of victims. On the second day, Yvette, Inez and Dori came across a group of Bosnian children, one of whom had stepped on a mine and was trapped, afraid to move in case it went off. Working together the three girls succeeded in rescuing the child, but Yvette was seriously injured when she set off another mine they hadn't noticed.

Yvette was rushed to a hospital in Kosovo for emergency treatment by Clarice and Dr. Marcel, but her powers made it virtually impossible to treat her for the internal concussive injuries she had suffered. Clarice brought Jean and Leo back with her from the mansion and Jean and Forge conferred with Dr. Marcel on Yvette's condition. It became clear, especially after a failed attempt by Laurie to use her powers to counter Yvette's, that the only way to save her life was for Forge to do what he had always swore he would never do again - construct an inhibitor.

With the inhibitor in place, it was possible to treat Yvette for kidney damage, putting her on dialysis. However, this was only a temporary measure and a search for a donor kidney was conducted, with a match being found. Unfortunately, the match proved to be Yvette's biological father, a Serbian war criminal on death row in a military prison. Jean and Leo discovered, upon visiting the man and outlining the situation, that he had no intention of consenting to the transplant, regardless of his own personal fate.

Without the transplant, Yvette's health deteriorated. Despite being aware she was dying, she tried to be supportive to her traumatised friends, who were holding vigil at the hospital. For their part, the New Mutants in particular supported each other as best they could, banding together.

A visit by Emma and Logan to the prison to talk to Ivan in a last-ditch attempt to gain consent proved that the man was mad. The next morning, however, Forge broke the news that the transplant was going ahead. Yvette survived the surgery and after a couple more days in the hospital, returned to the mansion for her convalescence, Kevin returning with her to take care of her. An email from Emma to Remy revealed the truth of Ivan's eleventh-hour 'change of heart' - she had bribed a certain general into not only allowing the donation to take place without consent, but the execution was moved up in time and had taken place the night before Yvette's surgery.

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Trivia and Meta


Julian Keller sent apple blossoms to Yvette and every patient in the hospital, as well as candy and chocolate to the children who were patients.

The inhibitor remained for three weeks after Yvette's surgery, after which time Forge removed it. Just before it was removed, she asked Kevin for her first (and possibly last) kiss.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Ivan Marinkov was socked by Doqz. The initial plot idea came from Nute's song lyric plot meme.