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Forge Family
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Portrayed by Eric Schweig, Julie Walters, Floyd "Red Dog" Westerman
Known Aliases: Richard and Cheryl Anne Forge, Nazé Red Dog
Affiliations: Forge
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Introduction: November 2004

The immediate family of Forge, consisting of his father (Richard), mother (Cheryl Anne) and uncle (Nazé).


Parents: Richard and Cheryl Anne Forge

Other Relatives: Nazé Red Dog ("uncle")

First appearance: November 2004

Richard Forge - father
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Richard Forge is in his mid-40s, with dark hair and eyes and is of average height and build. As a corporate lawyer for Aerie Industries, an aeronautics corporation, he is well-educated in matters of law and reasonably familiar with principles of flight and aerodynamics. He lives with his wife in a well-maintained split-level home in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Richard was raised on a Cheyenne reservation in Oklahoma, but left in his late teens to attend college in Texas, where he met his wife.

PB: Eric Schweig

Cheryl Anne Forge - mother
Cheryl anne forge.jpg
Cheryl Anne Forge (neé Cheryl Anne Pressman) is in her mid-40s, with red hair and blue eyes and is of Dutch/Irish ancestry. She is rather short and stocky, and is the epitome of the "suburban soccer mom". Like her husband, she works as a lawyer for Aerie Industries, in their Human Resources department.

PB: Julie Walters

Nazé Red Dog - great uncle
Nazé is actually Richard Forge's uncle, although Forge refers to him as "Uncle Nazé". Nazé is in his late 60s, heavily tanned with grey hair and dark eyes. He currently lives in a rather modern log cabin in the Colorado Rockies, although it has been mentioned that he eschews most forms of modern communication such as telephones and the internet. Despite this, Forge built for him a small e-mail device to stay in contact.

PB: Floyd "Red Dog" Westerman


When his son began withdrawing from social contact, Richard Forge assumed it was 'just a phase' and that it would pass. After Forge's incident with the bomb at his school, however, both Richard and his wife were wracked with guilt over their lack of attention to their son's problems. After deciding to send him to Xavier's for schooling, they entered family counseling and are working through their problems.

Richard stays in regular contact with his son, and has visited the mansion to see him on a number of occasions.

Cheryl Anne takes a great deal of interest in politics, a subject on which she will talk at length with anyone willing to listen. She has nurtured her son's interest in political matters, and the two speak often on the telephone about recent events. Like Richard, she is attempting to make up for poor parenting skills earlier in life by paying more attention to her son, although her affection is often overbearing and 'smothering'.

Nazé is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, believing that the government has been watching him ever since he was involved in protests against then-President Richard Nixon. His often-wild conjectures belie a cunning and observant mind, though, and the man is in reality very sane, just eccentric.

Nazé is also a de facto tribal chief, simply by the fact that he is the oldest surviving member of his particular sub-tribe of Cheyenne. This was noted when a letter of endorsement from him was sent to Empire State University to support Forge's application to the Business School. While he does not keep in regular contact with his nephew, he has occasionally sent word to Forge through his parents, and ran into him (offscreen) during Forge's class trip to Washington, DC.


Growing Pains - Forge breaks his arm and discovers that due to a bone disorder, his left arm will need to be completely replaced by a prosthetic. Richard comes to the school to care for him.

With Malice Aforethought - After Forge's abduction by Magneto, he returns home to Dallas for a few days to recuperate with his family.

Family Day 2006 - Before Forge graduates, his parents come to the school to meet some of his friends and teachers, as well as the other parents.

Sound of Silence - after the disappearance of Attilan and Forge's presumed death, Richard visits the school to take care of his son's effects, leaving them in the care of his roommate, Angelo Espinosa


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