George Tarleton

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George Tarleton
Portrayed by Steve Buscemi
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: New Son, Monica Rappaccini
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: Rappaccini's Daughter

"Sorry, I was distracted. We've got a cable connection here and I just love that Home Makeover show. You know, the one where they totally trash someone's house and rebuild it? They get the coolest tools there - you ever used a reciprocating saw? Cuts through plywood, drywall - oh yeah, and fingers."

Fast-talking and scattered-seeming, George Tarleton is a genetic engineer who also manipulates circumstances to suit himself.


Name: George Tarleton

Aliases: unknown

Affiliation: formerly New Son, now Monica Rappaccini

First appearance: May 20, 2009

Family: Lover of Monica Rappaccini, other family unknown


A scientist who met Monica sometime before Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker died and fell in love both with her crazy mad scientist ideals and with her. For the last ten years, he's been working for the New Son Corporation as a genetic engineer. He has been passing information from New Son to Monica over the years. The capture of Jake's arm by New Son proved a windfall and he attempted to 'collect' the rest of the 'prize' for Monica at the same time as collecting her daughter. During the events of Rappaccini's Daughter he 'resigned' in a particularly spectacular fashion and has thrown in his lot with Monica. An accident during their escape by teleporter has resulted in Monica performing unknown 'improvements' on him.


Baseline human. Potential cybernetic upgrades, but status is unknown at this stage.


Rappaccini's Daughter


Socked by:

Formerly by Nute

PB: Steve Buscemi