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This page is a placeholder for something that has yet to appear in Phase 2 of the game. If you edit the page, remove this notice. Thank you!

Irene Adler
Portrayed by Dame Judi Dench
Known Aliases: Destiny
Affiliations: Unknown
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: August 3, 2006

Irene Adler is a precognitive who wrote the diary found during the events of Libri Veritatum.


Name: Irene Adler

Aliases: Destiny (not used in game)

Occupation: Unknown

First appearance: August 3, 2006

Family: Unknown


Phase 1

When Irene manifested, she was hit with a mass of visions at once. She recorded them in a series of diaries, going blind in the process that took over a year. Her recording of the prophecies included pictures and text in a variety of languages.

Though Irene appears to be roughly in her sixties, her true age is unknown, as she did not appear to age from the time she brought Marie to the D’Ancato Family.

Phase 2



Irene is a precognitive of unusual strength and ability. She is incredibly accurate in the short-term. Her accuracy increases depending on the proximity of the event and her connection with the people involved.

Irene is able to use her precognition to walk unguided (i.e., she can see the future if she steps in direction A vs. direction B, allowing her to know which way to step), though she still carries a cane and generally wears dark sunglasses.


Phase 1

Libri Veritatum

Phase 2


PB: Dame Judi Dench

Socked by:

Formerly socked by Alicia