Kevin Cabot

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Kevin Cabot - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Jay Guthrie
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: October 20, 2004

Kevin was the first love of Jay's life, who drowned himself after this father and brothers beat Jay apparently to death when the relationship between feuding families was discovered. Jay is yet to fully get past his lover's death.


Name: Kevin Calbot

Aliases: none

Occupation: none

First appearance: October 20, 2004 (referenced)

Family: father and brothers, unnamed


Kevin Cabot was born and raised in Cumberland County, Kentucky, where his path crossed with Jay Guthrie's. Despite coming from feuding families, in early 2004 Kevin attended a concert at a local restaurant where Jay's band was performing. At the time, Jay was not bothering to hide his wings, but most people thought they were a stage affectation. Managing to visit Jay backstage, Kevin discovered not only that the young man was a mutant, but that there was a definite attraction between them. Before he could follow up on this, however, Kevin's sister dragged him away, explaining that Jay wasn't only a mutant, he was a Guthrie, and that their families didn't mix.

In defiance of both their families, Kevin and Jay began a secret relationship that lasted until August of 2004. One night, Kevin's father and brothers followed him to his rendezvous with Jay, and accosted the two youths, nearly beating Jay to death. They left Kevin behind, and when Kevin thought Jay had been killed, he carried his lover's body into a nearby lake and drowned with him, or so he intended. It was at that moment that Jay's mutant healing factor kicked in, allowing him to survive while Kevin unfortunately perished.

Later, once Jay had left Kentucky for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the young mutant asked Amanda Sefton for a favor, to use her magic to allow him one last moment with Kevin. Jay saw an apparition of his lover, and the vision of Kevin urged Jay to go forward with his life. Whether this was truly Kevin's ghost or simply what Jay wished to see is still uncertain, but the experience helped move Jay through his grief, although he has never forgotten his first love.


None - baseline human


Infectia (plot) (raised from the dead by Amanda)


Formerly socked by: Ben