Little Girl Lost

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Little Girl Lost
Dates run: June 7-14, 2005
Run By: Dyce and Rossi
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Part 2 of the Lost In The Woods Arc.

"I bited them. Manda says biting bad, but they 'served it. Then they put bag on my head."

The past never stays dead - an old face from Amanda's past turns up, but this time he's after Meggan.


Meggan Szardos, Amanda Sefton, Pete Wisdom, Remy LeBeau

Patches, Charlie Plunder


June 7-14, 2005

Plot Summary

Meggan, as a true Innocent unsullied by the world, was identified as something of a valuable magical resource, especially for black magic. Patches, dealer in magical artifacts, took Pete's apparent defection to the Hellfire Club as an indication he had abandoned his family ties. Greed prompted him to target Meggan, despite Pete's object lesson in what would happen to him if he messed with Pete's family again. The sale of Meggan to the highest bidder would more than pay for the protection he would need, or so Patches believed.

During a trip to the petting zoo in Central Park, Amanda left Meggan unattended for a few minutes, just long enough for Patches, who had been following the pair, to make his move. Drugging Meggan with a chocolate bar, he abducted the shapeshifter, leaving a counterspell ward to prevent Amanda using magic to track him. Amanda, on discovering Meggan's disappearance, attempted a location spell: the backlash knocked her unconscious and landed her in hospital. Her habit of using the fake identity provided by Nathan and Domino meant that several hours passed before the school was notified and Moira MacTaggart and Kurt Wagner raised the alarm about Meggan's disappearance. Distraught about what had happened, Amanda called her friend Charlie Plunder, asking him to use his internet occult connections to try and identify a possible culprit. His information on the sort of magic required for the counterward led Amanda to suspect Patches' involvement and notify Remy.

Steps were already being taken to rescue Meggan, however, in the shape of Pete Wisdom. His people, assigned to watch over his family, alerted him to the problem and he assured Charles Xavier telepathically that he was taking care of it. Given Pete's undercover status, it was necessary for Charles to restrain himself to monitoring the situation only. Unable to immediately act, Pete sent two men to intercept Patches and his bodyguard and stop anything from happening until he arrived, but then in order to maintain his cover and to ensure the safety of Meggan, Pete was forced to kill all four men. Patches' death was to serve as a warning to the magical community at large, the man being left to die inside the trunk of a burning car.

Unable to allow Meggan to identify him and blow his cover, Pete kept her eyes covered whilst he drove her back to Xavier's. He gave the name of 'Paul' and told Meggan he was an old friend of Amanda's before dropping her off at the gate. She was met by Kurt and Amanda, who never questioned the subterfuge - 'Paul' was the name of someone who had been a member of Rack's coven - and accepted Meggan's story of her 'Rescue Man'. The stress of the incident had resulted in a breakthrough for Meggan's speech; she made the leap to sentences in order to make herself understood.

Remy, investigating the matter, was able to trace the connection to Pete. Amanda revealed she had been emailing Pete and had told him about Meggan's existence. This and other factors led Remy to conclude that Pete had been involved in the kidnapping, although the reasons for why escaped him. The possibility that Pete had tried to take Meggan - for whatever reason - was the last straw for Amanda and she lost her last bit of faith in her 'Uncle Pete'.

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Upon Pete's later return to the mansion, Meggan was able to (off-camera) identify him as her Rescue Man from his smell and empathic signature.


Plotrunners: Rossi and Dyce