Luis Richter

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Luis Richter
Portrayed by Danny Trejo
Known Aliases: Too many to mention
Affiliations: Julio Richter
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: July 3, 2006

Luis Richter is the father of Julio Richter. Genial and good-natured in spite of his dangerous occupation, he loves his son and does his best to protect him.


Name: Luis Alejandro Richter

Aliases: Too many to mention

Occupation: Arms merchant

First appearance: July 3, 2006

Family: Julio Richter - son, Paloma Reyes Richter - wife (deceased), Parents, six brothers and sisters. Countless neices and nephews.


The son of two working class and die hard socialists, Jose Heinrich and Teresa Ysabel, Luis was born and raised in Mexico City. When Luis became an adult he decided to defy his parents and became a capitalist in every sense of the word. He became a gun runner, moving weapons illegally across the US-Mexico border. He met the sister of one of his associates, a Mexican-American woman named Paloma Reyes, and the two fell in love and married. They had one son, Julio.

When his son was two, Paloma died in a car accident. Shortly therafter, Luis recived a warrant for his arrest and he fled back to Mexico. He left Julio in the care of his parents while he built his buisness. It was during this time he came in contact with Nathan Dayspring and his Pack of mercenaries. Luis came back for Julio when the boy was ten, and the two traveled across Mexico until they eventually settled in Guadalajara.

Luis lives there currently, and is still in the lucrative, but very illegal arms trade. He and his father have something of a truce, they don't talk about what Luis does for a living, and they don't discuss politics, ever, because to this day the kitchen door still doesn't close properly.

He is a loving, devoted father, and is intensely proud of his son and what he has been able to acomplish. Although Luis is just a little strange in his parenting methods.


Skilled in handling any type of gun.


The Rictor Effect


PB: Danny Trejo

Socked by:

Formerly socked by Azzy