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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the NPCs. For other uses, see Occult Network (disambiguation).

Occult Network
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Dr. Stephen Strange, Tante Mattie, Homily, Romany Wisdom and others
Affiliations: X-Force
Socked By: Various
Introduction: The Shadow King (plot)

A world-wide network of magic users, researchers and dabblers in the supernatural, the network is a resource cultivated by X-Force for use in their many strange encounters.


Dr. Stephen Strange
Formerly Amanda Sefton's magic tutor, he has clubbed his own resources together with X-Force and is a frequent contact. Things are always interesting between him and Wanda Maximoff when he is around, the two having had a relationship. For further details, see his individual page.

PB: Sam Neill

Romany Wisdom
Sister to Pete Wisdom with considerable experience of her own in the occult and a tendency to poke her nose in where it doesn't belong. For further details, see her individual page.

PB: Michelle Forbes

Tante Mattie
Not precisely a team player, Tante is a force in and of herself. Following New Orleans Is Sinking her magical power is reduced, but not her knowledge and she remains a source of advice (carefully asked and always taken) for Remy LeBeau, Marie-Ange Colbert and Amanda. For further details, see her individual page.

PB: Irma P. Hall

Jimiane Szardos
A neophyte in the magical sense, Jimiane (Amanda's younger sister), 'inherited' her power from her mother, Margali, on her deathbed. Jimiane, however, has been raised as a doubron her entire life and is firmly placed within the Romany tradition, making her a useful resource in Europe. For further details, see her entry under the Szardos Clan page.

PB: Ellen Muth

London Coven
Those members remaining findable, such as Homily, have made themselves available to the network. For further details, see the individual page.

PB: Maggie Smith

Kristoph Hagar
Apprentice to Jane Burr (who was killed in Operation: Anansesem). Kristophe is the custodian of Jane's considerable researches into ley lines. Based in Germany. Joined the network to repay his mentor's debt to Wanda.

PB: August Deihl

Thema Konmlan
Apprentice (and daughter) to Monona Konmlan (who was killed in Operation: Anansesem). Based in Ghana. Joined the network to 'atone' for the actions of her mother.

PB: Genevieve Nnaji

Sato Miyagi
Apprentice to Nakamura Kyousuke (who was killed in Operation: Anansesem). Custodian of his mentor's researches into summoning magics, he is deaf-mute and relies on sign language and writing for communication. Joined the network to repay his mentor's debt to Wanda.

PB: Kenichi Matsuyama

  • There are also numerous other as yet unnamed/unseen members of the network.


The network is a rather informal collection of resources, collected from a mish-mash of various personal relationships with the weird, Amanda's old internet contacts from her school days, Dr. Strange's more structured group and various individuals X-Force discovers along the way. Only Amanda, Wanda and Illyana are aware of the full extent of the network and it does continue to grow as they work to expand their knowledge and ensure they have a finger on the magical pulse.


The Shadow King (plot)

Pride Goeth

Operation: Anansesem


Socked by: Various