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Proteus - deceased
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: "Jacob"
Affiliations: Joe MacTaggart
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: Proteus (plot)

The result of having Kevin Mactaggart's DNA spliced onto his own, this unknown young mutant became a weapon against Moira MacTaggart. Unfortunately, the genetic tinkering proved fatal and he died in Moira's arms.


Name: Unknown. (deceased)

Aliases: "Jacob", "Proteus"

Affiliation: Joe MacTaggart

First appearance: December 31, 2004

Family: Unknown


Proteus was not so much of a villain as a victim himself. Joe MacTaggart, in his desire for revenge on his successful ex-wife, had hired an unconfirmed agent (believed to be Nathaniel Essex) to genetically splice DNA from his dead son Kevin onto the DNA of a young autistic man Joe called 'Jacob', the name he had wanted for his son.

The procedure not only gave Proteus Kevin's powers, but also some remnant memories; primarily, a recognition of and attraction to Moira MacTaggart. In the course of his unleashing against Moira, it was discovered that the bonding procedure was unstable, and only his reality-warping powers were maintaining him. When those powers were disrupted, Proteus was no longer able to sustain himself, and died in Moira's arms. It was later found that even with Kevin's powers, Proteus would not have survived for much longer.


Due to the graft of Kevin's DNA, Proteus had the same reality-warping powers. He exhibited as a seven-foot-tall man-shaped figure of flame. He was able to twist people's senses and perceptions, as well as actual objects around him.


Proteus (plot)


Socked by: Jen

PB: none