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Team: Generation X
First Seen: January 2015

Created in January 2015 to train the new generation of mutants to protect themselves and their fellows in a world that really does hate and fear them.



Gen X has a rotating schedule of instructors, with various individuals from all of the teams providing training. There are, however, team mentors who liaise with Gen X on a daily basis:

Kylecharpageicon.png Kyle Gibney

Team Members

AmericaBeckyG.png America Chavez
Miss America
AprilComicPB.png April Parker
Iceman.psd.png Bobby Drake
Cuckoos Comic.png Fourteen
Stepford Cuckoos

Team Structure

The younger team which trains with their powers and combat, capable of deploying in support of the X-Men or as a last option. Replaces the X-Men trainee program and the New Mutants, which had a focus only on high school aged students. All students - high school and above - are put into Generation X for training. If a student wants to graduate to the X-Men (or another team), they can do so once approved. Generation X will fulfill the role of the X-Men trainees, occasionally deploying with the X-Men, especially for recruitment or missions where younger mutants are a better fit.

There is no age restriction to Generation X - in fact, any resident of the mansion who is in need of training in their powers and/or combat is expected to work with the team, regardless of age. The focus of Generation X is to provide the younger generation of mutants with the skills they need to survive a distinctly mutant-unfriendly world - and maybe, if they wish to, continue the fight for mutant survival as a member of one of the teams.

Team Operations and Training

Members of Gen X receive training in powers, combat, team work, first aid, diplomacy, covert operations, magic, infiltration... you name it. Essentially, they are taught a variety of skills needed to survive in the world at large, with input from any member of the Xavier's community. Professor Xavier oversees the training from a distance and teaches ethics, but the day-to-day matters are left in the hands of the mentors, who are also encouraged to discuss things with the various resources at the mansion.

While Gen X aren't expected to go into dangerous combat situations, they are sometimes required to assist the various teams in their missions, usually as a result of having specific skill or power sets, or in situations where the team is stretched beyond capacity. They are not cannon fodder by any means, but they are more active mission-wise than the New Mutants or even the X-Men trainees were, with their skills given priority rather than their ages in the decision-making process.

Non-Credit Extracurriculars

While the high school portion of Generation X takes classes at Bayville Charter High, the mansion offers a number of extracurricular courses for the kids. They offer:

  • Mechanics
  • Art
  • Wilderness survival, rock climbing
  • Law seminars (AKA what to do when you're a mutant and the police hassle you)
  • Foreign languages
  • Dance classes



xp_generation_x the Gen X journal comm.

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Meta and Trivia



Generation X was created as a means of encouraging more activity from the numerous grad students in the mansion who were not part of any specific team.

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