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These are the various teams that were restarted following the Dark Phoenix Saga.

And thanks to Frito, here's the rough areas of coverage for each group:

  • X-Men: Help! Evil Mutant Toast-Man is Attacking Times Square! We must stop them!

  • X-Force: The KGB is setting up a Toast Squad to exterminate mutants! We must sneak into Russia and stop that!

  • X-Factor: Jack the Toast Ripper is killing young female mutants! We must find him and make sure he's arrested by the police who don't give a crap about mutants! Also we're going to do our best to get those young female mutants out of problem lives and bring them to safety!

  • eXcalibur: Aw, yiss, ancient civilization had a secret Toast machine. We must find it and do science to it to better help mutants!

  • X-Corps: East Obscurecountryveria doesn't have Toast, Schools or Water? We'll bring them some, and also make sure that young mutants there can live in safety!

  • Generation X: We're young cute mutants who learn about our powers so we can better fight Evil Toast Things later.

That being said, there is always room for overlap, collaboration and consultation on missions, and no one team has 'dibs' on any particular area.


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