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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the team. For other uses, see X-Factor (disambiguation).

X-Factor Investigations
First Seen: January 2015

"Through dedication and perseverance, we specialize in finding answers."

A street level investigative team designed to focus on mutant issues and mutant related crime. It is also the street level intelligence in the US, often used as the key agent in finding emerging mutants and mutants in trouble with local authorities. They are closest to the underground mutant communities and 'mutant railroads' out of less tolerant communities.


Lorna Dane
Polaris 1.png
Role: Boss Lady, Licensed Private Investigator, Heavy Hitter

Assets: Underground Contacts, Power over Magnetism, Ex-Brotherhood Member, Master Organizer

Arthur Centino
Longshot sm.png
Role: Client liaison/interviewer, cat burglar, investigator

Assets: Arthur’s luck powers make him an invaluable asset in information-gathering. Has an extensive list of contacts.

Susan Storm
Role: Junior partner, security consultant, IT Girl, Laboratory Lady

Assets: Invisibility, Underground Contacts, Genius, Thief, Engineer, Socialite, Sarcastic One

Quentin Quire
Role: Investigator-in-training, administrative assistant, team telepath

Assets: Online mutant contacts, telepathy, warm disposition

Alex Summers
Role: Investigator-in-training, sometimes desk-jockey, walking bomb

Assets: Can get on with anyone, heavy hitter

Hope Abbott
Role: Research assistant

Assets: Research skills, trained in astral scouting, contacts within lower ranks of the business, political and charity field.

XFI callisto.png
Role: Out-of-office information source; Morlocks liaison.

Assets: District X contacts, strength, speed and super-senses


XFI is a private investigation firm incorporated by holdings owned (secretly) by Adrienne Frost, with shares divvied up between Adrienne, Sue Storm and Warren Worthington. They have a small meeting room for their team members at the Xavier mansion, but their client offices are in Alphabet City in Manhattan, in a building owned by Warren Worthington. There is a penthouse on the top floor.

A Chinese food place is situated next door.

In 2019, Warren stepped down, after a brush with the demonic forces, and promoted Lorna into the role of Boss.

XFI should think of themselves as mutant police. Let the X-Men be the military and X-Force be the intelligence agency, both of which try to help mutants by affecting large-scale, top-level change. X-Factor is grassroots and helps everyday people, so their effect is at the bottom. - Ben


The following was compiled by the XFI players.

Does XFI take cases outside of District X?: Yes. Nationwide.

What level of cases does XFI take? (Blue collar, white collar, no collar, dog collar?): All collars. They help companies with evidence-gathering, doing client work on an individual basis, setting up mutant safehouses.

When do they draw the line? Normally at emotional/financial manipulation, threats, slight roughing-ups, etc, but very occasionally someone MIGHT become overwhelmed when confronting a Very Bad Person and cross the line to murder. The team, in general, does not condone murder.

What is their intent? Is it to solve mutant problems? The intent of the team is to solve small-scale problems on an individual basis, SUCH AS (but not limited to) making sure the girl who's gone missing is found alive and given a safe place to sleep for the night, finding the purse a young mutant had stolen by pursesnatchers because the cops can't/won't help, finding out who robbed a mutant couple's bodega, or making sure that the accounting firm framing a mutant employee for a crime they did not commit is caught in the act so the mutant can have peace of mind and the firm is dissuaded from trying such a stunt again. Basically, the intent is to be the team in the game that deals first with individual people and their loved ones.

Furthermore XFI is responsible for the gathering of state side intelligence. This could simply be their contacts, sympathetic police officers, contacts withing the business and political communities or CI's they cultivate warning them about possible attacks on mutants or rallies by the FOH. Their contacts are spread across a broad swathe of society and so are capable of bringing a number of issues to the attention of XFI who can then stitch it together to form a wider picture of mutant related activities in the US. With the wide spread net they can cast they could be a very good info source for the other teams, such as the X-Men or even XF. The ability to get info where the others cant and vice-versa seems to be an important part of the game in P2.

How do they work with the Mutant Underground anyway? They will be building connections and will eventually have safehouses and contacts across the country to assist the underground. XFI can help maintain waystations, and fund and stock the people who are actively shuttling around mutants.

What's their end goal? To provide answers, peace-of-mind, and aid in the protection for mutants who have no recourse through traditional law-enforcement or other societal avenues.


  • Rapid City, South Dakota: Glen

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