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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the NPCs. For other uses, see Guthrie Family (disambiguation).

Guthrie Family
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: Thomas and Lucinda; Elizabeth, Joelle, Jebediah, Lewis, and Cissie; Julia Cabot
Affiliations: Sam Guthrie, Paige Guthrie, Jay Guthrie, Melody Guthrie
Socked By:

The Guthries are the immediate family of Sam, Paige, Jay, and Melody Guthrie. The Guthries are based in Cumberland County, Kentucky. There are nine children total in the family, but so far only the oldest four have manifested mutant abilities.


First appearance: The First mentions of the Guthrie Family were with Sam's introduction to the game in July 2023. The first appearance of the whole family was on December 21, 2023.

Thomas Guthrie
father, deceased (b. 1979 - d. 2015)
A hardworking and loving father. Thomas Guthrie died in 2015, just around three months after M-Day. He was only thirty-six years old when he passed and left behind his wife and nine children. Thomas was a musician, and instilled a love of music in his children- he left his guitar to Jay when he died.

PB: none, socked by none

Lucinda Guthrie
mother (b. 1979)
Lucinda guthrie p2.jpg
The matriarch of the Guthrie household. Lucinda is a force to be reckoned with and commands the respect of all of her children, though she is not without her flaws and issues. Following her husband’s death in 2015, Lucinda fell into a deep depression and began to rely on her already parentified oldest children to help her provide for their younger siblings. She is extremely stubborn and has a tendency to always believe that she is right and acting in her children’s best interest even when she’s not. She tends to favor her sons over her daughters, and is particularly resentful of Paige for reasons nobody can fully articulate.

PB: Melanie Lynskey, socked by Tink

Sam Guthrie
(b. October 17, 1997)
An Appalachian through and through, Sam Guthrie joined in order to help people stuck in broken systems, much like the folks back home in Kentucky. He sends money from each paycheck back home to help his mother provide for his siblings. Sam manifested his mutant abilities at age 19. For more information, see his individual page.

PB: Louis Hoffmann, played by Mari

Paige Guthrie
(b. April 13, 1999)
Paige wiki.png
Paige followed her brothers to the mansion, intent on getting her PhD in psychology and becoming the best mutant she could be. She's here to keep an eye on her family and help as many people as she can. Paige manifested her mutant abilities at age 18. For more information, see her individual page.

PB: Ava Phillippe, played by Ren

Jay Guthrie
(b. December 21, 2001)
Jay came to the mansion after a suicide attempt after the death of his fiance, Julia Cabot. He’s here not by choice but by necessity. He’s an aspiring musician and enthralled by the beauty of the wormhole- and the possibility of a universe with his lost love still alive. Jay first manifested his mutant abilities at age 13, though his wings wouldn't come in until he was 17. For more information, see his individual page.

PB: Nick Robinson, played by Conner

Melody Guthrie
(b. April 3, 2003)
Following a confrontation back home after her activation, Mel came up North to join her siblings at the mansion. She’s here to learn more about her powers and attempt to stay out of trouble. Mel manifested her mutant abilities at age 20. For more information, see her individual page.

PB: Amelia Zadro, played by Roy

Elizabeth Guthrie
(b. 2006)
She’s getting all A’s and is on the softball team.

PB: To be determined, socked by various

Joelle Guthrie
(b. 2008)
She feels she’s the black sheep of the family and sort of resents her “special” siblings.

PB: To be determined, socked by Isaura

Jebediah Guthrie
(b. 2009)
He has a tendency to get into fights and gets splitting migraines.

PB: To be determined, socked by various

Lewis Guthrie
(b. 2012)
He’s in his school's marching band. Twin to Cissie.

PB: To be determined, socked by various

Cissie Guthrie
(b. 2012)
She's often babied by her siblings. Twin to Lewis.

PB: To be determined, socked by various

Julia Cabot
Jay's fiancee, deceased. (b. 2001 - d. December 2023)
A nursing student who loved country music, racing sports, and dancing, Julia was engaged to Jay before her accidental death. For further information, see Jay's individual page.

PB: none, socked by Cai


Phase 2

Thomas and Lucinda were high school sweethearts united in mutual tragedy of having dead older siblings who found, during their senior year of high school, that Lucinda was pregnant. The two married, and upon graduation Thomas took a job in the mines to provide for his family- in October of that year their oldest, Sam would be born. The family would soon grow to nine children, with the twins being born in 2012. Thomas took increasing hours as the family grew. Thomas died due to complications from black lung in 2015.

As Thomas’ illness got worse, Sam began taking on more of a ‘parent’ role to help lighten the load on his father. Sam would graduate high school early to take a job in the mines to help support the family, despite his own fear of contracting black lung. Sam’s mutant powers activated in 2016 during a mine explosion. When Sam left Kentucky for Muir Island his younger brother, Jay, took on his role as a pseudo-father figure to their younger siblings so that their sister, Paige, would have a better chance at getting into college.

Sam would move from Muir Island to District X in Manhattan in 2023 where he started bartending at Kirby’s. Following the flooding of District X, Sam would move into the Mansion and accept a job with X-Factor Investigations.

In December 2023, Jay contacted Sam to tell him he was getting engaged, resulting in Sam coming home for Christmas. A joyous time turned to despair when Jay's fiance, Julia, was accidentally shot to death by her family. After getting into a fight at her funeral, Jay stabbed himself, seeming like he would follow Julia to the grave. His healing factor saved him. Lucinda, partially unable to face her own untreated depression and grief over the suicide in her family decades prior, decided to send Jay up to New York with Sam. During this time, Paige also revealed herself as a mutant to Sam and decided that while she was attending Columbia's PhD program that she better live at the mansion as well.


Phase 2

A Very Guthrie Christmas - event


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