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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Guthrie Family (disambiguation).


Melody Guthrie
Portrayed by Amelia Zadro
Codename: Aero
Affiliations: Generation X
Birthdate: April 3, 2003
Journal: xp_aero
Player: Roy

”I ain’t hurt Sam, I promise you. Heck, I’m the best I’ve ever been in my life.”


Character Journal: xp_aero

Real Name: Melody Grace Guthrie

Codename: Aero

Aliases: Mel

First Appearance: December 21, 2023

Date of Birth: April 3, 2003

Place of Birth: Cumberland County, Kentucky, USA

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Guthrie Family: Lucinda Guthrie (mother), Thomas Guthrie (father, deceased), Sam (older brother), Paige (older sister), Jay (older brother), Elizabeth (younger sister), Joelle (younger sister), Jebediah (younger brother), Lewis (younger brother), Cissie (younger sister)

Education: High school diploma

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: currently unemployed, former retail employee and camp counselor

Team Affiliation: TBD



A child of the Guthrie family, Mel spent much of her early childhood learning to be self-sufficient. Even when her father Thomas was alive there was not much time for her as a middle child of nine siblings. Mel often went to her older siblings for help or attention instead of her parents. She had a tendency to sleepwalk and could often be found wandering the halls of the Guthrie farmhouse at night. After her father’s death this increased dramatically and a lock had to be placed on her door at night after she managed to sleepwalk out of the house and was found in the woods. M-day had little effect on her as anti-mutant sentiment was already strong in the area and she was still young when it happened. Her church insisted that mutantkind was against God and what had transpired on M-day was punishment.

Growing up she felt closest to her older brother Jay and adopted a habit for music as a way to spend time with him. She wasn’t the best student in school, but had a talent for writing in her English classes. Mel was a good runner and on the cross country and track teams. In school she was very social and was known to always have a boy she was seeing. However, Mel never had much luck in love. After graduating high school, she chose not to attend college and instead got a job in town working retail. After Jay revealed his abilities and Paige followed suit, Mel secretly wanted mutant abilities of her own. A few weeks later her wish would be granted.

Activation of X-Gene

With Jay now off at the mansion with Paige and Sam, Mel felt she had to step up more as the oldest child still at home. After a particularly bad storm, Mel went up on the barn roof to fix a leak. As she was repairing the shingles her foot slipped and she would have fallen to her death had her powers not manifested at that moment. She was able to float down unharmed and was now the fourth Guthrie child to gain mutant abilities.

Living at the Mansion

Physical Characteristics

Mel is on the shorter side for her family and lean, with a bit of the awkward lankiness from her childhood lingering. She is a white woman with blue eyes, brown hair, and sparse freckles.

Height: 5’9”

General Build: Lean

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Brown sectoral heterochromia in left eye, freckles


Mel’s main power is aerokinesis, which is what she derives her codename “Aero” from. She is able to fly and emits a yellow-gold light when using her powers. She naturally produces luciferin particles which rest on her skin. They are disturbed whenever she utilizes her aerokinesis, creating the glowing aura. The higher or faster she goes, the more she has to use her aerokinesis, resulting in a more intense light. She has limited control over speed and maneuverability. She can fly at up to 25 mph and up to 7,000 feet above the ground. Mel can only sustain flight for up to an hour and flying for too long can result in fatigue and in extreme cases may cause her to drop out of the sky unexpectedly as her powers short out. Overuse of her powers causes insomnia and increases her sleepwalking episodes.




Mel’s dream car is a 1955 Chevrolet 150 in Glacier Blue, just like her father used to have until he sold it when money got tight. She can yodel.

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Player: Roy

Player Icon Base: Amelia Zadro

Meta Trivia

I love D-list characters and Mel is just that coming in at 17 comic appearances! She’s great, I love her vibes, and I’m excited to expand upon the canon crumbs in the game.