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Character(s): Darcy Lewis
Email: TinkEmail.PNG
Pronouns: she/her
Date joined: August 2015


Tink's been watching X-project on and off for years, and was finally persuaded to app the game by Chris pulling her pigtails via talking about how amazing the game was until she agreed to find someone to play. Frito, Twiller, and later Cai also share some of the blame, but Chris started it. And then Darcy happened, welp.

This is not her first foray into the world of RP, although it is her first time really stepping outside of the Potter fandom to do it. She keeps weird hours, sometimes, but gchat is the best way to get in touch, with a follow-up email if she hasn't gotten back to you the next day. Sometimes she spends a lot of time thinking about responses for actual plots, so she's slow to respond.

Tink is a fan of the Oxford comma, knitting, hockey, and video games. She can be bribed with sour gummy worms or snack mix. :)

Phase 2


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