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Several newcomers arrived at the mansion - Monica Rambeau; Maya Lincoln-Lopez (after an incident where she nearly stabbed Wade Wilson with a butter knife); Alex Summers (rescued after being used as a hostage by the Brotherhood of Mutants and Magneto to get Lorna Dane back); Clea Lake, Sebastian Druid and Stephen Strange (three friends who had used their magical and mutant powers to protect their faerie cat and attracted Amanda Sefton's notice) and Sharon Friedlander, who was arrested by SHIELD after rescuing someone from a fire. David North also woke from his coma, with Wanda Maximoff watching over him.

Garrison Kane discovered a new nemesis in the form of a serial killer calling himself The Scourge, whilst investigating a case in St. Louis with the help of Logan, Kitty Pryde and Julian Keller. Namor made a discovery of his own, when an Atlantean artifact turned out to be a portal, and the group researching it found themselves fighting fish people in the basement.

Jean Grey thanked Warren Worthington for saving her life, but the conversation ended with a lecture on Warren's fear of commitment, while Angelica Jones and Clinton Barton found themselves dating after a mansion party. Alison Blaire and Jean-Paul Beaubier both had to deal with star-struck roommates. Quentin Quire surprised everyone (and himself), by accepting an offer to work with X-Factor.

And Maya proved to be a handful for Wade, with an incident where she got into a fight with her roommate, Xavin Majesdane and then went snooping in Wade's room, finding his explosives and attacking Marie-Ange Colbert by instinct when disturbed; she wound up being grounded, while Wade desperately tried to get drunk with Logan.


Aug 1 - Namor announces his victory over Clint, Gabriel and Billy in Monopoly. Operation: Wonderwall: Gabriel asks Jean for painkillers; Wanda asks for some quiet time; Jean leaves chocolate by Wanda’s door. Clint drags Warren, still hermiting, out for some fun.

Aug 2 - Laurie posts about her reactions to the new TV series Zoo. Matt announces he is making pancakes. It’s Greek To Me: Someone leaves Kitty a voicemail asking her to “acquire” an item for them. Jean-Paul is recognised as an Olympian - by his new roomie, Kitty. Hope gives new student Amara the tour.

Aug 3 - Miles announces his birthday and securing his learner’s permit; Warren wishes Miles a happy birthday via text and lets him know they’ll be going out to celebrate. It’s Greek To Me: While Clint is trying to talk to Namor about their upcoming travels, Kitty passes by and is distracted by Namor’s trident; Namor is distracted by Kitty and she offers her services to help Namor find Atlantis. Jennie makes a journal entry about how awesome it is being her own boss. Warren and Jefferson surprise Miles with an elaborate gift for his 16th birthday, and he's speechless. Topaz texts Amanda to tell her she lost track of time and asking if she can call her tomorrow. Gabriel leaves a gift-wrapped box with a card for Miles on his birthday containing two presents. Matt wishes Miles a happy birthday via text. Matt makes a journal entry about braille dice that he helped Kickstart. Laurie and Kitty chat about life at the mansion.

Aug 4 - Alison texts Miles to wish him a belated happy birthday. Cruelty is Bitter Bane: Garrison receives an e-mail from Fred Duncan asking him to come to St. Louis to investigate a potential serial killer; Garrison makes a journal entry about having to leave on short notice; Adri texts Garrison to say a more personal goodbye. At camp, Sebastian leaves a note for Clea and Stephen about his supplies inquiring if they want the usual stuff. Rahne makes her first journal post to say hi to everyone. Amadeus posts an ode to hot pockets to his journal. Julian texts Angel in confusion about Rahne’s arrival. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange about Jean-Paul. Tandy texts Julian about the recent influx of Generation X members.

Aug 5 - Jubilee posts a YouTube video without comment. Laurie e-mails Doug, Wade, and Marie-Ange about the ‘new’ Jean-Paul. Adri texts Tandy to invite her to a Katharine Hepburn marathon. Cruelty is Bitter Bane: Kane reaches St. Louis and has a talk with the head of the Field Office. Marie-Ange e-mails Jean and Wade about a lapsed contract that had been put out on Jean. Jean-Paul rescues Adrienne from her poor cooking skills and a kitchen full of smoke.

Aug 6 - Cruelty is Bitter Bane: Garrison e-mails Logan, Kitty, and Julian for help out in St. Louis; the three mutants arrive in St.Louis to help; Julian and Kane meet with the family; Logan and Kitty break into the morgue. Bobby and Amara meet and are cute while discussing their respective powers.

Aug 7 - Matt makes a journal entry about why he loves telecommuting. Jean visits Warren to thank him for saving her life now that she’s able to leave the house alone without fear of being assassinated, which goes about as well as expected. Matt gives Miles a belated birthday present. Cruelty is Bitter Bane: Logan and Kane trail the money drop back to a suspect; Kane and Kitty go to confront Westcott in his cell.

Aug 8 - Cruelty is Bitter Bane: The serial killer reveals himself.

Aug 9 - The Caged Bird: Lorna gets a phone call from the last person she's expecting to hear from; Lorna tells X-Factor Investigations what's happened and a quick, not-quite-good-but-good-enough plan is hatched; Lorna texts Wanda about heading to Nevada with X-Factor; Lorna goes to Alex's childhood home to confront Mystique, where the plan doesn't go quite the way it's supposed to; Lorna and Magneto talk, or Magneto talks and expects Lorna to listen; Sue e-mails the X-Men and X-Factor about being stuck in a shipping dock in Oakland and requesting help; the X-Men and X-Factor arrive at the Brotherhood's hideout, and Sue fills them in on what she's learned; Wanda decides it’s time to have a chat of her own with Daddy Dearest; Lorna finally finds Alex - and two seconds later everything goes to hell; Sue texts Julian about never wanting to eat lobster again. Julian texts Tandy about rain checking dinner and sleeping for a very long time. Garrison talks to Adrienne about the case he left town to work on, and as an indicator of how the discussion goes, she starts chain-smoking.

Aug 10 - Monica Rambeau arrives at the mansion and meets Meggan who helps her get used to the idea of the mansion. Matt shows Warren his new dice and invites him to come and play D&D with him.

Aug 11 - Miles and Bobby hang out discussing “man things” until the conversation comes around to a plan to get revenge on Tabitha. Tabitha warns everyone that Miles and Bobby are terrible people, and Tandy offers to help her plan her revenge. Nica introduces herself to the mansion on the journals. Tabitha and Alison decide to hang out in the rec room and turn it into bubblegum pop central.

Aug 12 - Nica has a minor freakout when she realizes that she is rooming with THE Alison Blaire, Laurie replies but comes off as too formal getting Doug and Marie Ange to remind her that’s not normal behavior. Gabriel posts to the journals offering to get people drunk as he experiments with new drinks. Lorna leaves Alex a surf board as a birthday present. Nica and Alex explore the mansion and get help from Domino when they realize they're lost. It’s Greek to Me: Namor texts Clint asking him to help with a project.

Aug 13 - Alison texts Miles to let him know she’s nervous about her new roommate. Nica comes across Bobby making ice sculptures of the ninja turtles and the two talk about their powers before deciding to freeze the pool and go ice skating. Matt invites Clint, Warren, Miles, Billy, Doug and Marie Ange to come and play a game of D&D with him.

Aug 14 - Adrienne emails Nica to tell her to keep her head up and not worry about Laurie and Clarice on the journals. Wade emails Doug to let him know he’ll be out of town meeting up with an old friend who has some concerns about his daughter. Doug immediately turns around and start planning a secret birthday party for Wade with Marie Ange and Laurie. Cecilia texts Wade about how Pizza Dog ate his present. Adrienne leaves Wade a birthday card and a minnow knitted hat. Wade meets up with his old friend and his daughter, and almost gets gutted by a butter knife. Wade emails Scott, Cecilia, Angel, Jessica and Julian to let them know he’s bringing Maya back to the mansion, she might need to get tested for mutancy and will need a place to stay; Maya meets her new roomies and it goes as well as you'd expect. It’s Greek to Me: Clint texts Molly asking for her help with Namor’s project. North wakes up from his coma and Wanda is by his bedside.

Aug 15 - Hope comes across Warren and Jolene at a party and manages to impress the billionaire. Amadeus post a video as revenge for the Russians messing with his social media feeds. Marie Ange posts a list of why she needs coffee. Molly leaves Wade a handmade gun holster for his birthday. Alex and Lorna talk about what happened when he was captured and their relationship. Wanda emails Doug and Emma about finding a way to save Simon’s reputation. It’s Greek to Me: Clint and Molly examine the Atlantean tech; Clint emails Scott and Wanda about moving some equipment around and taking a look at the tech respectively.

Aug 16- Tandy emails Doug asking if she can look through his language books again. It’s Greek to Me: Wanda and Clint have breakfast to discuss the mechanism.

Aug 17 - Alex posts about building a skate ramp in the yard. Sooraya's out for a ride when she spots Rahne's wolf form heading for the woods. She waits out the transformation but then discovers there's an issue.

Aug 18 - Maya introduces herself on the journals. Monica emails Adrienne to thank her. Artie and Maya meet.

Aug 19 - Laurie texts Wade about someone looking after Maya while he is away. Matt texts Clint about doing something together. Warren returns to the mansion, tries to win Adrienne back over with illegal substances, and somehow ends up having an actual adult conversation. Warren also posts he is back. Adrienne lets X-Factor know Warren is back. It’s Greek to Me: Clint texts Billy about him coming to look at the strange Atlantean object.

Aug 20 - Maya texts Artie to ask if Kyle is always an asshole. Jubilee posts about being on the way home; she also texts Marie-Ange about going to Cuba later. It’s Greek to Me: Molly, Billy, and Clint take a break from trying to figure out the mechanism and enjoy some lunch that Matt kindly provided.

Aug 21 - Quentin is recruited in X-Factor by Jessica and talks with Warren and Adrienne about this. Quentin texts Gabriel about needing drinks. Doug teaches Hope about following a person and being followed. It’s Greek to Me: Our intrepid specialists are ready to completely throw in the towel and then Namor actually does whack the mechanism; the group is surprised by the arrival of a group of green, human-ish shaped people; violent, green, human-ish shaped people; Molly posts about having fun whacking them; Scott makes an official announcement of what happened; Clint posts later on about the object being safely locked away; Molly texts Wade about needing a place to put her fish spear.

Aug 22 - Sooraya posts about needing volunteers to put the school supply packs together. Maya posts about people messing around with dangerous machines in the basement. Laurie posts about supporting something on Kickstarter. It’s Greek to Me: Clint and Molly hand the Lemurians over to SHIELD. Felicia visits North and discovers the extent of the changes forced on him.

Aug 23 - Angel texts Clint about wanting fishies and later on texts Kyle about making out with Clint. Wade texts Logan about needing alcohol. Angel finally goes to check out Julian's club, and the two talk about how weird their lives are. Tabitha admires Alex's new skateboard ramp and is offered a tryout.

Aug. 24 - Kyle texts Clint, Billy, Namor, Molly, Matt, and Angelica a picture of his fishsticks and tater tots in an interesting formation. Alison complains about hearing Taylor Swift playing in four different places. Alex skypes with his moms to make sure they're okay. Gabriel texts Angel about dinner. Sooraya and Bobby set things up for the people volunteering to pack backpacks for District X.

Aug. 25 - Maya texts Wade asking to pay him back. Jubilee complains about jet lag. Lorna texts Alex to ask about his moms and if he liked his surfboard. Rahne asks if anyone knows a good church nearby. Clint emails Kyle, Doug, Namor, Molly, Billy, Matt, Laurie, Felicia, Angel, Gabriel, and Wanda about Shark Weekend (SHWEEKEND) and a game night. Looking for Wade, Maya runs into Doug instead and proves she is awful at meeting new people.

Aug. 26 - Amara posts to introduce herself. For Cata!: Clea, Sebastian, and Stephen are preparing for their last prank of the summer when they hear about a TV show coming to find a "mystical creature." Xavin and Maya get into a fight, and Maya runs out; she hides in Wade's suite and when Wade leaves she starts snooping, only to be caught by Marie-Ange (and panic and throw a knife at her). Marie-Ange texts Wade to let him know what happened in his suite. Wade texts Logan to ask for help moving hidden weaponry in his suite.

Aug. 27 - Artie texts Maya to say Kyle's kind of a jerk and finds out what happened. Maya texts Marie-Ange and Wade asking how work is going. Artie texts Marie-Ange volunteering to talk to Maya. Maya texts Xavin to apologize. For Cata!: The kids spy on Ulysses Bloodstone to find out what he's hunting; they then come up with a plan to save Cata; Bas gives Bloodstone a run for his money; Stephen and Clea use their magic to help Cata; Amanda texts Megan about going to England with her; Amanda texts Clarice about a trip to England; Amanda and Megan are waiting for the kids when they get back to camp. Wade texts Clarice about something he found while arranging stuff. Gabriel posts about his clothes being gone.

Aug. 28 - For Cata!: Clea texts Sebastian and Stephen about Bloodstone still being at camp; Amanda talks to Bas' dad and isn't impressed; Megan posts to let the mansion know what happened. Amanda emails Angelo and Marie-Ange lamenting about finding a teenage version of her teacher. The Good Samaritan: Sharon Friedlander is on her way home when she sees a building on fire and goes in to rescue someone trapped. Clint posts about SHWEEKEND and game night starting; Kyle posts about yummy cookies he can't eat; Angel posts about cuddling Clint and his cute butt; Laurie posts amused about all the drunk people. Tabitha posts asking what happened to Topaz. Alison emails Gen-X about a VMA party.

Aug. 29 - Gabriel texts Clint demanding breakfast. The Good Samaritan: The Mutant Watch website posts about a possible mutant sighting; Sue posts about the mutant sighting in Rapid City. Ty posts about missing his pants. Angel texts Clint informing him that they need to hang out with clothes. Clint texts Matt about accidentally dating Angel. Laurie texts Clint to ask him about Angel. Doug texts Angel to tease her about Clint. Jean posts asking who put books in the fridge and dressed up a skeleton. Angel is jubilant about creating Kyle-edible treats.

Aug. 30 - Amara posts wondering if she moved to the court of the Roman emperor. Julian has a nightmare about what happened in St. Louis, and Tandy comforts him. Sooraya texts Angel demanding details about Clint. Matt posts about being hungover. The Good Samaritan - Sharon is arrested and questioned by SHIELD; Rogue and Sue prepare to go rescue Sharon, and interrupt the interrogation; after they talk to Sharon about her options. Alison posts about the VMA countdown; she texts Amadeus about setting up the project for the viewing party. Angel tells Gabriel about her and Clint. Gabriel posts about going to Harry's. Felicia texts Gabriel about joining him. Tabitha posts about having a girlcrush on Nicki Minaj. Alison texts Amadeus raging about random cat videos; Tabitha posts about the cat videos messing with her Nicki time; Miles texts Alison to get her attention; Alison texts Amara to ask if she enjoyed the party; Alison texts Tabitha complaining about Amadeus sabotaging the party. Sue texts Jean-Paul, confused about if him and Namor are a thing.

Aug. 31 - Felicia and Kevin catch up during work. Alison lets Tabby that she is glad she was able to come to the VMA party. Maya asks what to do when one is grounded. Miles posts this picture of Niki M. with her thoughts about Miley at the VMA. Tabitha posts about how she took a lunch break and went to a bookstore to purchase a book by E.L. James and how it will be an insight into grown-up lives. Logan posts about how some people can’t get drunk because of healing factors and asks if medical personnel could fix that. Adrienne emails Amanda, Tandy, Felicia, Rogue, Marie-Ange, Cecilia, Emma, Bobbi, Jessica, Sue, Lorna, Jean and Wanda about having a spa day this coming Saturday. Sue emails Doug and Domino about helping her get any videos of the incident in Rapid City taken down from the web. Clea Lake posts about her and Sebastian Druid and Stephen Strange's arrival at the mansion. Hope emails Topaz about how Stephen Strange is now a student just to give her a heads up. Felicia posts an instagram post of the moon during her nightly run through the forest.


Operation: Wonderwall

It’s Greek To Me

Cruelty is Bitter Bane

The Caged Bird

For Cata!

The Good Samaritan

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