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Felicia Hardy
Portrayed by Sarah Gadon
Codename: Black Cat
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: October 22, 1988
Journal: xp_blackcat
Player: Aisy

Born a thief. Raised a thief. Will die a thief.


Character Journal: xp_blackcat

Real Name: Felicia Hardy

Codename: Black Cat

Aliases: Charlotte "Charlie" Strode

First Appearance: April 1, 2015

Date of Birth: October 22, 1988

Place of Birth: NYC, New York

Citizenship: American/French dual

Relatives: Walter Hardy (father, deceased), Lydia Hardy (mother)

Education: Degree in accounting from NYU, focusing on corporate financial management

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Accountant for Snow Valley Research Center

Team Affiliation: X-Force



Felicia was born and raised in New York. Her mother worked as a non-profit event and funding coordinator, while her father's public face was as an art dealer. It was on one of Walter's work trips abroad that he met Lydia, during a charity auction she was running. Needless to say, Felicia grew up in the life of a minor socialite, but though she wanted for nothing, her father, to whom she was very close, instilled in her early that she should work hard and never settle for second best.

Rarely spoken about directly, it was not much of a secret how Walter spent his spare time or acquired his more rare pieces. Known as The Cat, his specialty was "victimless" theft; no casualties and plans that had a certain kind of elegance to them. At a young age, Felicia already showed tendencies towards her father's talents, with high scores in her gymnastics classes and ability to puzzle out his slight of hand parlour tricks, and so it didn't take too much wearing down before Walter began overseeing her training, including lock picking, hand-to-hand, and basic cons. Later, Felicia would realize that her talents have been assisted by her mutation, which since it didn't have a chaotic manifestation, was fairly overlooked most of her life.

It's not until she is in high school that Walter is betrayed by one of his employers and framed, resulting in his murder. Felicia was too young to do anything about it and decides to bide her time, continuing the training her father set in motion, acquainting herself with her father's friends and contacts, and eventually enrolling in NYU for accounting. While at school she lives three lives as she takes up the mantle of Black Cat and starts her own lifestyle social media brand; student, thief, socialite.

Undercover and Arriving at the Mansion

Some time and several jobs later, Felicia has graduated, and has enough ears to the ground to get word about who was behind her father's frame up job. All leads point to a small shipping firm that just so happens to be in need of a junior accountant. Packing up her life, Felicia spends a few weeks in a flurry of blogging calendars, photo shoots and pre-scheduling updates, all under the guise of going to France for a year. She goes so far as to even start a secondary rumour about drugs and rehab, just to keep people from looking too hard.

All is going well under the identity of Charlie Stode, mousey-but-sweet junior accountant, until she gets deep enough to realize that she is in fact now working for a Maggia front company, tied to a particularly nasty underboss who specializes in illegal mutant slaving. While her initial response is to burn everything and run, she finds a small sliver of her conscience when she comes across the shipping manifest, and that the next shipment is due in a week, and tells herself that because she signed off on it, it would be a paper trail if not dealt with properly. Of course, the simple plan of getting into the warehouse, causing a small commotion, and alerting the authorities, goes sideways almost immediately, and she is brought to the mansion in a cruiser, driven by Wanda, North, and Artie, as X-Force has been watching the operation the whole time. The team offers her a job, which she takes, under the implication that they will assist in her vendetta when required.

Felicia's first response to living at the mansion is to push through updates on her brand with a special kind of vengeance - right after she gets a proper hair cut and rescues all her shoes from her Manhattan apartment - including updates on the complete renovation she does on her assigned suite, number Lucky 13. She is also reunited with childhood bro, Warren Worthington and somehow finds herself making cautious friends with her teammates.

Mansion life and X-Force

Felicia's introduction into being a spy was far from a quiet one. In May she joined in on a mission to find several ancient artifacts. In July she assisted in rescuing North from Weapon X, and later that month she found herself caught in a time loop along with several other X-Force members. She also assisted Clinton Barton in rescuing an old friend. When she wasn't risking her neck on various missions she was acting as the accountant for Snow Valley Research Center.

It wasn't just all work and no play for Felicia, of course. She continuously regaled the mansion with Instagram pictures and also kept up her socialite status in the city. She also continued socializing around the mansion, making various new friends. Eventually, she took an extended time away from the mansion, returning in September 2017. She managed to stay on the downlow, occasionally surfacing with more Instagram. She also gets some quality time in with Kevin, North, Warren, and Felicia.

2018 was a ride from beginning to end with moments of peace in between. She helped "acquire" an escape vehicle during an operation in Russia, joined a team on a mental trip into Kevin's mind to relive his first assignment (after he was shot in the head and declared dead, which was devastating), and found herself on the receiving end of Warren's weird behavior. The cap on it all was a Danger Room mishap that landed her in the middle of a post-apocalyptic scenario where she had to try and survive until the Danger Room could be fixed. She lived, but she was unhappy. She certainly earned her quiet 2019, even if part of that was saying goodbye to Warren.

Weirdly, Felicia found some friends in the younger mansion residents, like Alani Ryan and Topaz. The end of 2020 was a little dicey, between a figure from Kevin's past coming back for revenge and getting caught up in an alternate dimension incident that resulted in the reveal of the frankenberry world, which, nope, not dealing with that. Somewhere in all that, a miscommunication abruptly ended her growing relationship with North. Nothing a good heist couldn't fix. She managed to avoid the 2021 Halloween Mansion incident by going on a drunken pub crawl with Wanda, Kevin, and Topaz.

The Maggia

Life threw a hard curveball at Felicia when it came out that Sarah Rushman's family was being targeted by the Maggia, and the resulting investigation revealed the identity of Walter Hardy's killer - Hammerhead. The new information was a lot, and while Hammerhead got away, it renewed her motivation to find the person who hired him.

That didn't mean there wasn't time for a Christmas team vacation and making up with North, much to everyone else's delight.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light blonde, shoulder length


Probability manipulator. Felicia can subliminally affect probability fields, within her line of sight. While the event can be improbable, it cannot be impossible; she can dodge a bullet but she has to actually move to do so, the bullet trajectory can't just change in mid air. Currently, Felicia has strong natural abilities in affecting events, but has little fine tune control. Operation: Siege Perilous has shown that she has the capability for high power levels, but it may be detrimental.


Retractable claw gloves, grapple hook and night vision goggles.


Felicia owns a lifestyle social media brand under her own name; she often cross posts her Instagram updates to the journal system.

Her trademark red lipstick is YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in #11 Rouge Gouache.

The tailor who drafted Felicia's shirt block, and took in North's clothes after his de-aging, is named Doreen in memory of the player's sassy grandmother. Similarly, Walter Hardy, Felicia's father, was imprisoned on May 19th, and then killed on November 15th, in memorial of the player's parents.

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Player: Aisy

E-mail: AisyEmail.jpg

Player Icon Base: Sarah Gadon

Meta Trivia: In the comics, Felicia is not actually a mutant, but has occasionally been given super human powers via various serums or costumes.