Along Came A Spider

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.

Along Came A Spider
Dates run: November 22-25, 2016
Run By: Cai
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Aloha, auf Wiedersehen, bon soir, sayonara, and all those good bye things, baby...

An SOS from his best friend causes Clint to seek assistance from the people at X-Force that he trusts.


PC's: Clinton Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Doug Ramsey, Natasha Romanoff, Felicia Hardy

NPC's: Kronas Corp, Phil Coulson


November 22-25, 2016

Plot Summary

While investigating Kronas Corporation, a major European shipping company suspected of transporting weapons to various terrorist organizations, Natasha Romanoff's cover is blown. She knows she didn't blow it, but with no time to escape, she sends an SOS to the only person she can be 100% sure wasn't responsible for burning her. She destroys the phone and its SIM card just before Kronas Corp's net closes and she drops out of contact with everyone.

Clint Barton, having received the SOS while enjoying a family breakfast in NYC, realizes he doesn't have the resources to respond alone. He goes to the Snow Valley offices in the city, finding Felicia and Wanda there despite the fact that it's a Sunday morning. Clint uses a GPS program on a secure server to access a tracker embedded in Natasha's side. After a couple days' worth of investigation, planning, and observation on-sight, the team is able to infiltrate the building with minimal resistance. The building isn’t on Kronas Corp property and, while there are guards inside, it isn't brimming with men and weapons.

Natasha, when they find her, has been tortured. The people who captured her somehow knew not only her codename but also her history with the Red Room. Typical physical torture (beatings, etc) bled into psychological torture (not being allowed to sleep, extremes of hot and cold temp, loud music, threats against the few friends she has in SHIELD/elsewhere) and some mild experimentation (the introduction of large quantities of uppers/downers (adrenaline specifically) to her system to test her limits/tolerance).

At the bidding of X-Force, one of the scientists remains alive, since he might have valuable information, but Clint focuses stabilizing Natasha while the rest of the team concentrates on removing all evidence of her presence - physical as well as electronic. Doug makes copies of the electronic stuff via flash drive so Natasha will have the intel if she wants it, promising not to keep any of it in X-Force's files. Wanda triggers a massive explosion of the facility after the others have 'ported back to the mansion.

Once there, the story of what happened to Natasha comes to light. With the addition of various compounds to her system in such massive quantities, something triggered the manifestation of Natasha’s latent mutation. This left her with two very distinctive hourglass marks on her wrists, a host of unanswered questions about her newly evident powers, and no idea which (if any) of her identities was safe to use.

Clint contacts Coulson to let him know that Natasha's cover was royally blown, she manifested under torture, and she'll be staying with him for a while to figure out her powers. He also explains that there's potentially a mole within SHIELD, given the information that was leaked, and that the majority of Natasha's covers have been compromised. Coulson agrees to keep an eye on things from SHIELD's end, specifically investigating the mole angle.

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Plotrunner: Cai